Yanqing Court holds the second phase of “Online Class of Yanqing Law” in 2022

The property preservation procedure can safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the interested parties and parties and ensure that the court judgment can be truly realized in social practice.In order to enable police officers to accurately grasp the specific application of property preservation procedures and perform their duties in accordance with the law, Yanqing Court held the second phase of 2022 “Online Class of Yanqing law” — related issues in the practice of property preservation cases through Tencent Conference APP on February 25. The training was delivered by Zhang Shujuan, deputy chief judge of Badaling People’s Court.In training, vice President zhang sj from before litigation, litigation and arbitration, arbitration, perform before each stage, this paper introduces the types of property preservation, key tips on property preservation application review and implementation, and integrated the actual situation of the case is dealt with explain the disposition of property, the security during the period of guarantee, security procedures relief, preservation of lifting, save to execute, etc,Help the police to further grasp the relevant provisions of property preservation, preservation process and the attention of each stage have a more in-depth understanding.This training fits the reality, the content is detailed, helps to improve the police’s business ability, for the maintenance of the interests of the parties, enhance the satisfaction of the people laid a foundation.

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