Winter Games the national movement is here

For Chinese people, the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing will undoubtedly increase interest in winter sports such as skiing and ice hockey, which have only recently become popular in China.Even women in the gaming community, who have been staying indoors for a long time, have started calling for attractive athletes like Gu Ailing and Yuzuru Hanyu.Even the fairy games like “Dream New Devil” did not escape the “magic spell” of the Winter Olympics, and launched a distinctive winter games to give dao friends a new sports-like game experience.So, how does it put this winter games, play out of flowers?Swimming straight ahead will be an interesting winter sports event called swimming straight ahead.The show also invited the super cute little yellow duck to participate in the winter games.They are a great group of winter swimmers!The little yellow ducks swim happily on the sea, and they need a group of friends who are good at winter swimming to lead the little yellow ducks back to the shore.Compared with other sports events, the participation of yellow ducks added more fresh fun to the swim straight ahead activity.Cute to the explosion of small body, is simply the best magic weapon to heal the heart.More interesting is that, as long as you observe carefully, you will find that there are three different kinds of yellow ducks in the activity, they not only have their own distinctive shape, but also bring them home, they will have different points.Therefore, you must remember to distinguish the characteristics of the three little yellow ducks to get a better score.Winter games two: the team together on the “dream new jade fairy” swim straight ahead, another feature is the fun cooperation between the members.From February 5th to 20th, every Saturday and Sunday after 18 o ‘clock, “Dream New Beauty” will open the event on time.Be sure to team up for this event, which requires more than 3 people to register successfully.With the support of his teammates, it is naturally a tiger with wings added to its wings.The rules of the activity is also very simple, just need to find the small yellow ducks scattered around in the designated area of the sea, and then bring them back to the corresponding position on the shore, you can get points.However, friends need to note that if you see the high score yellow duck in the far position, then it is not recommended that you go to the priority, but can combine the distance and score, to choose their first back to the yellow duck oh.Of course, swimming straight ahead is more than that.We all know that winter swimming is good for our health, but not everyone is up to the challenge of swimming for a long time.Unique water buffs, such as hot peppers, have been prepared to help road users strengthen their bodies and enjoy the fun of winter sports.The pepper, in particular, warms the body and improves the character’s swimming speed across the water.With so many interesting Settings, I believe that smart friends have found that this sport is not only a test of your swimming ability, but also a certain element of strategy, remember to communicate with your friends using voice.Different points can give road users different rewards.However, it should be noted that although the score of the activity chart prepared by “Dream New Beauty” can be refreshed as many times as possible, you can only get a fixed reward for the first 2 times per day.Therefore, we must put the best possible performance in the first two days of the day.If you are lucky enough to be on the list, there is an extra bonus, which is a bonus.In addition to the actual winter sports, the “Dream New Jade Jade” talent World Eight Doodle quiz activity also opened up the corresponding topic interaction during the Winter Olympics.Tao friends can take part in the activity every 15 seconds during these days, and they will be rewarded if they answer the questions correctly.

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