“Time of gold” : Wang Yongzheng “do not understand the rejection” behind, has been the temptation of Jiang Nansun

# # time of your life if you have emotional problems, you can always come to find me oh, let me be your best listener, listen to the sound of your heart the most real author: original is not easy, says late plagiarism shall investigate, if reproduced, please indicate the source and note | original TV series from, in fact, yong-zheng wang is not a good man, and Jiang Nasun also may not be able to hold out until the last.The ideal ending is always tempting, but the realistic result is always disappointing.As early as an idealist can not understand the realists bow to life, between Wang Yongzheng and Jiang Nansun, there will be no suitable results.For Wang Yongzheng, he may never be able to, or even to understand the difficulties of Jiang Nansun, when he began to really face the truth of Zhu Suosuo, it has been shaken.And from his answer to Jiang Nansun’s “have you ever been crushed” attitude, he has never gotten rid of the ivory tower recognition of the fact.Like many others, Jiang assumed wang was a “playboy” type from the start and never trusted him.Jiang Nansun has such cognition, except chapter Anren’s “lie”, it is also understand the biggest problem on the body of this perfect boyfriend — do not understand to refuse, is always the excuse that makes her the most headache.For Jiang Nansun, Wang Yongzheng is not actually a suitable candidate, but wait until Jiang home bankruptcy, she really face life face reality, just really understand a truth: no one will be a lifetime to hold a person, unless the other side is profitable.She understood that if jiang did not go bankrupt, in addition to Chapter Anren, there may be some people to spend all their efforts to hold her, but if it is true, the other party will not do better than Chapter Anren.And Wang Yongzheng, has never been just a glimpse of her life, but not the scenery and color of life.From the moment she walked out of the house and the ivory tower that the Chiang family built for her, she was always facing reality and growing up.For Wang Yongzheng “do not know to refuse,” Jiang Nansun may be jealous at the beginning, there will be a reaction, but over time, she began to take the “ignore” policy.It is not that I do not understand the meaning behind “do not understand the refusal”, but over time, I understand the disposition of the other party and her tolerance, which is also a warning to a certain extent.In fact, a person who says he “doesn’t know how to say no” is never an excuse.Does true love mean that a person jumps back and forth on his principles?For Wang Yongzheng, he said Jiang Nansun is his true love, he also swore that Jiang Nansun is the most important person in his life, will never repeat the mistakes of Chapter Anren……But does swearing help?Can really do, how can choose to rely on oath to test the loyalty of a relationship?Maybe they’re just fundamentally unhappy with the relationship.It’s never a good thing to be popular with women. Jiang Nansun never had to be Wang Yongzheng.In the face of the contacts and environment Daisy provided for her, as well as so many elite celebrities around her, she was not short of contacts and men at all. It was just a matter of whether she wanted to or not.Choose Wang Yongzheng, one is because know the root, two is because with each other still calculate familiar, both sides have common ideal again, and she also knows, for this paragraph of affection development, must not be too idealized.But her most headache is always Wang Yongzheng’s “don’t understand rejection.”Most of the time, women are too popular, for each other, is never a good thing.No matter how many girl friends Wang Yongzheng had before, how many women who could not break contact with him, she could not care, but now she and Wang Yongzheng’s relationship, but not.For the feelings with Wang Yongzheng, Jiang Nansun has begun to fall into a deep suspicion.And same, as jiang Nansun’s good friend, although Zhu Suosuo also supports Wang Yongzheng and the amour between her, but as a “ten thousand flowers in the lead, leaf does not touch a body”, from urine had witnessed the person of fickleness of human nature, she is too clear of the bad root in person bone.For a man, not to get is always the best, but after getting, always rarely to cherish, even after feeling the love of the other side is too much, or will choose to give up more.In fact, Wang Yongzheng has never really understood Jiang Nansun, and Jiang Nansun may not really understand Wang Yongzheng.They have never really dared to face reality, dared to break through this resistance.Wang Yongzheng may never want to admit: their love, is always that carefree, live in Italy happy little princess Jiang Nansun, but not in front of the pressure of life at a loss jiang Nansun.Jiang Nansun never wants to face the fact that in her heart, she always gives in to gentleness and romance and can always bow to warm people and things, but when she really faces the reality, she never wants to go.The best time for them is in Venice, a city full of fantasy, romance and tenderness in Italy, all the time. However, the best time is often just a moment.Acquiescence, is the most deeply rooted truth acquiescence Yuan Yuan has been around him, in fact, has always been Jiang Nansun to Wang Yongzheng’s alternative temptation.Wang yongzheng obviously enjoys freedom and happiness more.And Jiang Nansun has always known, but, as a woman, she always wanted to try.However, when a person is stupid enough to push another person into the other’s side, and the other person does not see it, it is not really stupid, but he is “committed knowingly.”For Wang Yongzheng, he knows what kind of woman he needs too well, and just because of this, he knows what he has been “looking for fun” to play ambiguous after all.Yuan Yuan even if there is more calculative, also won’t go to people’s muzzles again bump, if not the other side gave her the opportunity, estimate she also may not think of so.Sometimes, “hard-to-get” acquiescence is the most painful truth.In fact, we all know the truth, but do not want to expose it, really one day tired, bored, the final result is just a clap two scattered.To Jiang Nansun character, actually to yuan Yuan’s provocation, she is not not put in the eye, but already in the dark “test” Wang Yongzheng just, it is the contest of a human nature however, if not Zhu Shuo lock can not see good friend so silly go down, just can be impatient to Pierce this farce.For Jiang nansun, whether Wang Yongzheng is loyal or not is really important, but for her, the most important thing is whether they can really continue to go on.In this case, she had just seen the truth — that when you really try to test human nature, you are bound to lose.”Who would be stupid enough to marry someone you love so deeply?”In the original story, not only Zhu Suosuo said this, but jiang Nansun also said it.She used to say to Zhu Suosuo with a face of disappointment after having nothing: I bet on zhang Anren and lost all, all this time, I won’t be so capricious again.She will never be so wayward again.For Jiang Nansun, this time, she will not be so silly.And the fact really proves: the emotional game, in fact, is the most test of the people.Especially with Chapter Anren after this feeling, she thought of, will only be “afraid” two words….Later, even if the outcome gave Jiang Nansun and Zhang Anren a good result, but between them, things to worry about the reality is really too much, they may not be able to go on.Perhaps, from jiang Nansun asked the sentence “have you ever been pressed,” and Wang Yongzheng simply shook his head, their lives will be doomed to no more intersection.Author: Hua Yuchi, a freelance writer, is a romantic and rationalist writer who writes about women’s growth and emotions.Love the beauty of words, selling words for a living, I believe that one day will achieve better themselves.At present, his writing is shallow and still in the process of sharpening…

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