The man picked up his brother from school, but the brother carefully to your classmate umbrella, brother’s expression bright

A boy in Shandong province took his younger brother to class, his brother held an umbrella for the girl, the boy’s face beaming.Recently, shandong linyi, a class the boy with his brother, his brother for the girl umbrellas, a move that led to a wide range of online discussion, video, braved the rain to meet a man his brother, just have a and he lived in the same neighborhood came along, the girl is a class of two people, the younger brother afraid girl was caught in the rain into a drowned rat, with his umbrella.Brother gave the umbrella to the girl, at the same time, the elder brother also followed him, and his brother, is to pour with rain, backpack, with two people, the man’s face a pleased, he felt like a “light bulb”, from time to time with the hand touch your nose, conceal his “upset”, younger brother and the little girl said, umbrellas,He went back to his own home.Netizens are also ironic, expressing their opinions.One netizen joked: “Another trouble. Next time, remember to carry your sister-in-law’s school bag. You take their school bag and hold the umbrella so your brother has time to sign his name.””It seems that you will have a wife before your brother,” another said. “You are so careful and nice that it will not be difficult for you to pick up girls in the future.” Another said, “He never expected to become a third wheel, and he came at a bad time.”The two children were childhood sweethearts, classmates at school, and good friends after school. The younger brother did not care too much. He only remembered that the teacher had said that he would try his best to help as long as there were difficulties.Just such a scene, let eldest brother is very embarrassed.What do you think?If you had a brother that cute, what would you do, leave a message

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