Suitable for April hair personality signature, short walk heart, choose a to yourself!

All the accident, but is not arranged inevitable.All chance is but an unforeseen necessity. The sea was beautiful, but the boat landed.The sea is beautiful, but the ship has to dock.Because of the fear of injury, so the true self hidden in the turtle shell.Because of fear of injury, I hide my true self in a turtle shell.Everyone’s life has their own mission, do not compare with others, live their own.Everyone has his own mission in his life. He doesn’t have to compare with others and live himself well.Be pure and do things cheerfully.Be pure and do things quickly.People passing through your life, don’t need to care about his words.People who pass by your life don’t have to care about his words.Two requirements for their own: know advance and retreat, self-discipline.Two requirements for oneself: knowing advance and retreat and self-discipline.Be able to replace anyone, and then consider that no one can replace you.Be sure to replace anyone, and then consider that no one can replace you.One should not be too sober. The past is the past.People should not be too sober. Let the past pass.Love is a turning distance, looks very close, but far away.Love is a turning distance. It looks very close, but it is out of reach.Love can not stand insipid, friendship can not stand wind and rain.Feelings can’t stand insipid, friendship can’t stand wind and rain.Life is your journey, don’t live to be someone else.Life is your own journey. Don’t live like others.A person thinking too much, will lose the fun of life.If one thinks too much, he will lose the fun of being a man.Life is a practice, fate is a kind of creation!Let nature take its course is a kind of free and easy soul.Life is a practice, and fate is a kind of creation! Letting nature take its course is a free and easy spirit.For more exciting content, come to yan Ran

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