Saic Roewe joins hands with Chinese women’s football team to show the strength of China

In 2011, 29 years after “family planning” became China’s basic state policy, the country relaxed the policy of “allowing two children” for the first time.Last May, the three-child policy was officially implemented.The trend of consumer market cannot leave the influence of national policy forever.The liberalization of the three-child policy has had a considerable impact on the automobile market, and large-size models have attracted more and more people’s attention. Among them, roewe iMAX8, the first MPV model of SAIC Roewe, has been very popular. Since its launch, it has reached 25,000 families.According to data, the roewe iMAX8 ranks in the TOP5 in the 200,000-level household MPV segment, overtaking the Honda Odyssey and the Volkswagen viveen.More than that, from the strong insurance on the insurance data, Roewe iMAX8 monthly insurance volume has broken through 2000 vehicles.Now it is the Lantern Festival, then, there are Tomb-sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival and so on, many people will choose to buy a suitable for the whole family in these stages of the car, Roewe iMAX8 can be said to be the daily car, improve the quality of the best partner.The holiday family tour pays attention to the ritual sense, should bring a thing not less, big luggage, barbecue, stroller…What do you do when you can’t open the door with all your travel essentials and your hands full?Roewe iMAX8 gives you the answer, as long as you stand in the rear kick position, the inductive electric rear door will automatically open and close, easy to place various sizes of luggage.And spacious trunk, no pressure to load large items, so you don’t have to worry about space pressure.Roewe iMAX8’s seven-seat layout can easily meet the travel needs of “elders + a young couple +2-3 children”. Parents will not be neglected due to limited seats in the car for family holidays, and they will go out together to enjoy the company of their children and the happiness of their grandchildren.In addition, in terms of safety, according to the c-IASI crash test data, Roewe iMAX8 is the MPV with the best performance in the crash test, and has obtained the G (Good) rating certification of 3 major test items including occupant safety index, vehicle layman safety index and vehicle assist Safety Index.Moreover, The Roewe iMAX8 adopts 360 degree environment awareness system. The whole car is equipped with 3 millimeter wave radar, 6 cameras and 12 ultrasonic radar, so that the driver can have a full view of the surrounding situation, and say no to blind areas and unnecessary collisions and scratches.To keep you and your family safe.Just now, SAIC Roewe and the Chinese Women’s National Football Team jointly announced that they will become senior partners.As an outstanding representative of its own brands, SAIC Roewe has been shouldering the task of advancing Chinese automobile brands since its establishment in 2006. Just like the situation faced by women’s football girls in the green field, it is full of twists and turns but still predictable.We believe that this cooperation will bring another wave of incremental for Roewe iMAX8.

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