Microsoft suddenly suspends Windows 11 update: Bluntly ready for more blockbuster new features

Windows 11 preview releases have been released regularly over the past six months.Unfortunately, Microsoft decided this week to suspend the release of the new preview version because it did not meet the “quality standards” set by Microsoft.No official details were released as to why the update was suddenly announced.Unlike the previous times, Microsoft didn’t tell it about any bugs it encountered during testing, so we don’t really know what might have happened.Last week, Microsoft announced further enhancements to Windows 11 in February, including improvements to the Android app experience and the taskbar.Now, Microsoft has detailed its entire Windows 11 test plan for 2022.Microsoft said it plans to offer Windows 11 testers richer features, even though some may never come online.At this stage, Microsoft is mostly in A/B beta mode, inviting some Windows Insider members to test the feature before opening it up to the wider Dev channel.In the future, however, there may be some feature changes that Won’t be fully documented by Microsoft.Every time Microsoft releases a new version, some Windows enthusiasts can keep an eye out for new features, use the logo in the operating system to unlock hidden features and see what Microsoft is experimenting with.Microsoft now plans to give Windows 11 testers a window in which they can switch from the development channel to the Beta channel to avoid more experimental features on the horizon.This is likely to dovetails with features released in February, including Android app support, taskbar changes and redesigned Notepad and media player apps.

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