Zhongtong nucleic acid testing vehicle launched a strong attack to build a strong epidemic prevention and control barrier with hard power

Recently, COVID-19 prevention and control has been upgraded in many places in China, and nucleic acid screening work has surged, putting severe pressure on the anti-epidemic work.Zto nucleic acid testing vehicles, developed and manufactured by Zto Buses, have played an important role in the anti-epidemic work in many places, contributing to the improvement of the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control.To build “lab” acceleration to meet the demand of the epidemic prevention and control of power nucleic acid detection, zhongtong nucleic acid check-out car P2 + nucleic acid testing laboratory in strict accordance with the standard research and development design, accord with PCR testing laboratory and secondary biological safety laboratory standards, equipped with professional medical testing equipment, it will be the coronavirus pathogenic microorganisms such as nucleic acid and antibody detection ability.With the solution of one car, three rooms and six zones, the detection efficiency, detection amount and accuracy are greatly improved, and the “laboratory” on wheels is created.Learned, tested by zhongtong nucleic acid check-out car, reduced the transport links, application of 5 g information transmission technology and function of SLAN automatic PCR analysis system, sample whole flow detection, large flux and efficient safety, report issue time is at least 2 hours in advance, one-day samples quantity is up to 50000 passengers, according to the scale of 10 mix 1,Up to 84,000 visitors.At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with the UPS emergency power supply system, which can still maintain the detection work of this round in case of sudden power failure, breaking through the geographical and time constraints, and can operate across regions and in multiple scenarios. It is on standby to assist all regions to improve the efficiency of epidemic diagnosis, response and disposal.Hard core protection is one of the key points of nucleic acid sampling and detection to enhance safety and reduce the risk of infection.Zto nucleic acid testing vehicle can realize the integrated operation of collection and detection, plus P2+ biological security protection level, using double partition sealed door, independent buffer room and other designs, to further avoid the spread of virus.At the same time, the application of one-way negative pressure system, independent sample delivery system, water supply and drainage system and medical waste water storage and treatment system has effectively prevented virus leakage, avoided cross infection, and ensured the health and safety of front-line anti-epidemic personnel, test subjects and surrounding personnel with hard core protection.A number of “strength presence” Danger of lead early in the first stage, the new champions 2020 outbreak zhongtong coach for the implementation of shandong provincial government issued by the people’s government of shandong province on the opinions of the public health system sound “spirit, actively intensify layout, in the field of medical products with leading enterprise of research and development strength and the responsibility of the national brand awareness,It has provided a number of technical equipment for the fight against COVID-19.In the multiple rounds of the epidemic, the use of zhongtong nucleic acid testing vehicles, negative pressure ambulances, mobile CT vehicles and other medical products has strongly supported the normal prevention and control efforts in various regions.Brigade buses, electric buses and other products have made positive contributions to the healthy return of those who have been released from quarantine and those who have been fighting the epidemic on the front lines.It is reported that the footprints of nucleic acid detection vehicles have been seen in many provinces, firmly supporting the safety of Chinese people when the epidemic comes.”Castle peak together with the clouds and rain, the moon was ever two townships” under the epidemic of Chinese wisdom, is showing the strength of the accumulated for a long time, let the motherland at ease, but also let the world for attention.Zto Bus is continuing its fight against the epidemic. We believe that with the continued efforts of the national instrument, the Chinese people will usher in the victory of epidemic prevention and control together.(This article is provided by the enterprise)

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