Xining will complete 16 rural road projects this year

Xining city will further speed up the construction of rural roads this year, strive to complete the huangyuan County ahhua road and other 16 rural road construction projects, to ensure that rural roads “need to be built”.Focusing on faster improvement of rural roads, we will continue to promote high-quality development of the “four good rural roads” and work to strengthen our weak links.Xining city will increase efforts to fight for projects, according to local conditions orderly promote datong Hui Tu Autonomous County Dongxia Town Tianjiagou village and other key village road two-lane transformation project and Jingyang town Dazhai village and other natural villages hardening road upgrade project, promote more traffic projects into the village and household tilt.We will move ahead with the construction of new or additional projects in an orderly manner, accelerate the construction of 16 projects, including the Ahhua Highway in Huangyuan County, and strive to complete them all within the year.Actively promote 45 new projects such as the planned highway reconstruction project from Pingan Xiaoxia to Shangying 1 (Tianxiao) huangzhong District, and strive to start as soon as possible.Within the year, three demonstration roads for rural revitalization will be built, namely, tongxiang Road in Gonghe Town of Huangzhong District, Xiegou Road in Datong County and Zhacao Road in Huangyuan County, to create a “smooth, safe, comfortable and beautiful” rural road travel environment.And strengthen the application of new technologies, new materials and new processes of green environmental protection, and continue to promote the construction of green transportation.At the same time, we will accelerate the transformation of rural roads from focusing on construction and neglect management and maintenance to the coordinated and sustainable development of construction, management, maintenance and operation, so as to accumulate experience in the transition from rural roads serving poverty alleviation to rural revitalization, and ensure that rural roads are well built and supported.

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