When is the best time to spray wheat control agent?Which control agent to choose?Plants that are too short can also reduce production

Wheat because sowing too early, using too much seed, too much nitrogen fertilizer, warm winter and other reasons are likely to cause prosperous long, if not dealt with in time, there will be late lodging and increased pests and diseases, seriously affect the wheat yield.In the past, most of the tools such as stone grinding or artificial root cutting were used for processing. Now, all kinds of control agents can greatly save labor costs and the cost is not high.So, when is the best time to spray wheat flood control agent?Which control agent to choose?Plants that are too short can also reduce production.1. The spraying time of different surge control agents must be different.In production, there are many wheat control agents, mainly including Aizhuangsu, paclobutrazol, DMG, Zhuangfengan, Zhuangsu and Beinong Huahong 2, etc. Because of different pharmacological effects, the spraying time is different to some extent.Practice has proved that it is safest to spray Beinong Hua Kong 2 in wheat turning green period, zhuang Feng an in wheat turning green to jointing period, about 10 days before jointing of wheat spraying paclobulozol, before jointing of wheat spraying DPT or zhuangsu, and at the early jointing of wheat spraying Aizhuang su, and the effect of preventing overgrowth is good.2. The concentration of different surge control agents is different.The above control agent in wheat spraying, we must pay attention to the reasonable ratio, concentration can not be too high or too low.Concentration is too low, the effect is poor;Too high concentration will seriously inhibit the vegetative growth of wheat, resulting in lower yield.The specific usage is as follows: the concentration of dwarf strong element is 0.15-0.25%, spraying 50 kilograms of liquid medicine per mu;Using 30-50 grams of paclobutrazol powder or 200mg/L paclobutrazol water to spray 30 ~ 40 kg of water per mu can simultaneously treat wheat powdery mildew and wheat rust.2.5-5.0 grams of dAK per mu, 50 kilograms of water spray;Each mu with 25-30 ml zhuang Fengan, 25-30 kg of water spray;Each mu with 10-20 ml of zhuangsu zhuangsu, mixed with water 50 kg spray;Each mu with 15 grams of Beinong Chemical Control 2, 30 kilograms of water spray.3. Spraying wheat of flourishing agent notice: 1. Spraying wheat accused of flourishing agent main role is said to have strict control of prosperous long plot of wheat base 1-3 section length, control population, promote the young ear differentiation, promote root growth, prompting flourishing seedlings to breed the transformation process of long, can only be used in popular long block, prohibited to use in other fields.2. If only a local area of a plot has a boom trend, only spray the boom control agent in the boom and boom area.If there is no flourishing phenomenon in some parts of the flourishing land, these places should not spray the flourishing agent.3. Strictly control the concentration and the amount of spray, so as not to leak seedlings, not to leak plots, not to re-spray, to ensure uniform spraying.4. Choose the time period from dry wheat dew on sunny days to the evening to spray the control agent, and spray the control agent all day on cloudy days.Forecast rain can not spray control agent, otherwise it will be washed away by the rain.Some people in the spray after the rain will be sprayed to apply control agent, this practice is very dangerous, because the interval of time and control agent absorption who can not grasp, half the use will also have a risk.The purpose of controlling flourishing is to effectively reduce plant height and prevent lodging. If the concentration of spraying is too high or respraying, it will often cause the phenomenon of plants being too short. The yield is better than not spraying the agent of controlling flourishing.What if it is time to spray the control agent, encounter continuous rain, and miss the best time to spray the control agent?In fact, it is very simple, that is to replace the variety of control agent, in the early jointing spraying short strong element.What do you think about that?

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