The thief was arrested after entering the house

The Spring Festival holiday of 2022 was a bit of a nightmare for Mr Gao, who lives in Baelaohu village, Shiying Street, Guta District, after his mobile phone was stolen.In the early morning of January 31, Mr. Gao woke up and reached out his hand to touch his mobile phone on the bedside table, but could not find it for a long time. When he got up, he found that the charger which had been on the bedside table was also gone, which was quite strange because he had charged his mobile phone before going to bed yesterday.Had he been robbed?Then he noticed that his handbag and clothes had also disappeared, which confirmed him. “Burglaries!”He quickly dialed the police number.This day is New Year’s Eve, early in the morning to receive such a police situation, the Police quickly out of the British police station.Due to a heavy snow just the day before, it was difficult for the vehicle to move, so the police walked to the place of the crime through the thick snow. Because the stolen house was a bungalow, the door was not locked at ordinary times, and the entrance door was simply marked with iron wire. The suspect did not leave other clues at the scene.Later, police found the suspect’s trail when they took video surveillance from nearby shops, but the suspect disappeared when they tracked him to the vicinity of the Children’s park in Ghouta District.Although the amount of stolen goods is not large, but the nature of the case is bad, and it is the end of the year, if not detected this case can not give the people an account, the police on duty to give up rest, to overcome the extremely cold weather squatting near the children’s park, constantly looking for traces of suspects.Everything comes to him who waits, on February 7, 14 when the police in the city bureau of relevant departments under the support of the city finally in a market near the ancient tower district will be arrested suspect Zhang so-and-so.Due to the timely work of the police, the suspect during the Spring Festival holiday can not timely fence stolen goods, the arrest scene search to the victim stolen mobile phone, timely recovery of economic losses!Now suspect Zhang so-and-so has been criminal detention!

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