“Strange equipment” competition, “abyss foot basin” is bronze, “god cane” is the king

Star taiji and Dahua Dragon two comics are from the pen of Aodong, LAN LAN.The quirky character and style of Fendou in Star Tai Chi comic makes people’s eyes shine, and the immortals in Dragon comic often visit each other, which adds more interesting new elements to the comic plot.Let’s enjoy together lists “exotic” equipment, “the deep footbath” is the bronze, “stick out god” is the king in the comics often emerge some strange shape equipment, although the equipment properties may not be practical, but also let the plot becomes rich and colorful, “exotic” equipment lists are the cartoon character ever to use some of the equipment,Outside the small out of the abyss of footbath and slime jar is really a handful on modelling, but their ability and common footbath and cupping, so also can only belong to the level of bronze, and beans dad have “destroy cane” god is not general, has this equipment after damage would increase greatly, just need to blow can let awake beans disappear,Don’t look down on the plain outfits in the comics.In my opinion, comic creators also need strong imagination to create these devices. After all, it is more difficult to create something than to learn something. I hope everyone can let their imagination fly.If you want to know more exciting content, please follow the cartoon cat who doesn’t wake up

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