Something big is going to happen?Western countries have asked their citizens to leave Ukraine since the U.S. operation began

After the United States and other Western countries kept playing up the so-called “Russian invasion”, the situation between Russia and Ukraine became increasingly tense.Western countries are urging their citizens to leave Ukraine as soon as possible, following a recent warning from the United States that its citizens should leave the country immediately.Meanwhile, Serbia’s president Aleksandar Vucic announced that his country had started stockpiling food in response to tensions between Russia and Ukraine.This has led to speculation that a nasty war may be on the horizon.According to the overseas website on February 14, many airlines may suspend flights to Ukraine.The Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Lithuania reportedly said they would restrict or suspend flights to Ukraine and urged their citizens to leave the country as soon as possible.Ukraine Airlines, for its part, said in a statement that it had been told by international insurance companies to stop insuring aircraft in Ukrainian airspace because of the “increasing risk of military conflict.”So far, more than 20 countries have called on their citizens in Ukraine to leave as soon as possible.According to previous reports, on February 10 local time, US President Joe Biden issued a warning ahead of other countries, asking US citizens to leave Ukraine immediately.Mr. Biden declared that all American citizens should leave Ukraine now because of what he called Russia’s continued threat of invasion.”Things could go crazy very quickly,” he said. “When the U.S. and Russia start shooting at each other, it will be a world war.”Most US staff at the US embassy in Ukraine have been evacuated, while US consular services have been suspended since January 13.While Russia has repeatedly insisted that there is no such thing as “invasion”, the US has been “throwing fire”.It even spread the word that Russia and Ukraine were “ready for war” this week.In addition, U.S. National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said on May 13 that U.S. intelligence agencies showed that If Russia invaded Ukraine, it would probably use false flag operation as an excuse to attack.”He thinks the world should be prepared for Russia to create a pretext [to attack Ukraine].”In response, Russian spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that the United States has been lying and mentioned that former SECRETARY of State Colin Powell used “a tube of washing powder” to invade Iraq at the UN Security Council.”The whole world knows who has been lying,” Zakharova said.In fact, Regarding the Russia-Ukraine issue, China has always stressed that all disputes should be resolved through diplomacy.Zhang Jun, China’s ambassador to the United Nations, has said, “Our message is consistent and clear: resolve all disputes through diplomacy.Stop hyping the tension.Russia’s legitimate security concerns should be seriously addressed.”

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