Senior title teachers should “return” to front-line teaching posts, hard work!

Article | of teaching and education, teaching means and infertility, the way of teaching and education is called!There are many teachers with senior professional titles who have been working on front-line teaching posts until retirement, and there are also many teachers who want to leave the front-line teaching after being promoted to senior professional titles. Even in individual schools, there are things that senior professional title teachers watch the door.Who are the senior title teachers in the school?Why do teachers leave front-line teaching after being promoted to senior positions?Teachers with senior professional titles will actively “return” to front-line teaching posts and work hard if a new employment system is rolled out in a local area.What kind of system is that?Who are the senior title teachers in the school?In most schools, senior teachers are mainly composed of three parts: school leaders, qualified old teachers and some excellent young teachers.School leaders have congenital advantages in the creation of performance conditions for promotion of professional titles. After all, “a building near water gets the moon first”, and many school leaders are promoted as front-line teachers. Compared with front-line teachers, it is much easier to be promoted to senior titles.Every year, when the school awards teachers’ Day, the quota of outstanding teachers and advanced workers allocated to the school is not only allocated to the front-line teachers, but also reserved for the school leadership, although there is competition among the team members, which is much less intense.Older and qualified teachers have been in the front-line teaching positions for years and years, and their efforts have been rewarded with the achievements and honors of promotion of professional titles. Therefore, some of the senior professional title teachers in the school are older teachers.There are also some teachers who are young but have excellent teaching performance and high eq, which are well liked by leaders and colleagues. These teachers can be promoted to senior titles earlier.Why should teachers with senior professional titles “take a back seat”?For a long time, the senior professional title “one evaluation for life”, can be up or down the employment system, can not stimulate the senior professional title teachers’ enthusiasm for work.After being awarded a senior title, many teachers have the idea that “the ship arrives at the dock and the car arrives at the station” and begin to live a life of “being a monk knocks the bell every day”, which is not conducive to the development of education.The salary standard of teachers is closely related to the level of professional title, the higher the title, the higher the salary.Although each school has implemented the performance pay system, the total amount of performance pay is too small to play a good incentive role.Teachers with senior professional titles “retire to the second line” and will not be paid less if they work less. This is the reason why teachers with senior professional titles stay away from front-line teaching.After the implementation of the new system, teachers with senior professional titles will actively “return” to front-line teaching posts. The employment period of senior professional and technical positions of teachers in primary and secondary schools is generally 3 years. After the end of the first round of employment, a new round of employment should be carried out to determine the candidates for employment.After the end of the employment period of each senior teacher, he/she shall participate in the competition examination and be re-employed, re-employed or dismissed according to the results of the competition examination.– Excerpts from Hainan Measures for The Administration of Senior Professional And Technical Positions for Primary and Secondary School Teachers.Hainan province introduced the new system, which went into effect on March 1.Teachers with senior professional titles in the province will implement the employment system, eliminating the “lifetime system” of teacher employment, and realizing the “promotion and demotion”.The term of employment is three years. Assessment will be conducted within three years. If the assessment is qualified, the employment will be renewed. If the assessment is not professional title, the employment will be dismissed or reduced.Which senior title teachers are willing to be underemployed?I don’t want to get fired.Away from the teaching front line, there is no teaching performance, how to assess?It is hard for anyone to accept the result of failing the examination.It can be foreseen that if the special employment system for senior title teachers is promoted nationwide, there will be many senior title teachers who “return” to front-line teaching posts and work hard!Thank you for reading, and thank you for forwarding, following, commenting, favorites and likes.If you want to learn more about the world of Education, follow us

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