Nine Swords don’t do Qingtian “Modified Version”

Stegosaurus returns to Sea Three days later, Wu Ping came back.It was not that he got the news of the death of Lin Daogan and Zeng, but that qi’s army captured the camp he had built in his hometown.Although Wu Ping did not know the cunning rabbit three caves, but he knew, always give yourself a retreat.So, he left his family on Nan Ao Island, and most of the plunder was carried to the island.And when they returned, they brought with them a great deal of corn.Suddenly thousands of men were added, building houses and moats, and the quiet island of South Australia was busy.However, except for Wu Ping took a break from his busy schedule to take a look at Wu Xiaoyan, the bamboo building was still very quiet.When Wu Ping is in south ao island deep ditch ramparts, yu Dayou’s Han Pu camp ushered in the imperial edict.The edict is also an acquaintance: Lin Run.Because captured li Yayuan alive, Yu Dayou official reinstatement, assist Qi Jiguang into the eradication of thieves Wu Ping, for eradication.Still, this is not surprising.However, The news that Lin Run brought orally shocked everyone: On March 24, Yan Shifan and Luo Longwen opened a knife in Beijing, confiscation of property.Shocked, Ouyang Yan is more worried.That night he asked Yu Dayou to resign, asked for two fast horses and left the camp immediately.Having not seen Ouyang yan all day, Yang danxin felt empty.In the evening, he could not help sighing.Yu Dayou saw, way: “girl, do you know ouyang Yan’s grandfather is who?”Yang Danxin Danfeng eyes a little brilliance also did not have, powerless shook a head, have gas powerless tunnel: “don’t know.”See daughter be out of one’s mind of appearance, yu Dayou’s heart seems to be knife cut out once, bite bite teeth, way: “Yan Song.”Yang Danxin, as if struck by lightning, sat up suddenly, her eyes wide with surprise, suspicion and disbelief.Then, little by little, it would have been extinguished by a small light.One moment it was a lapse, and now it’s a lapse.After a long time, Yang danxin stood up and staggered out of the room.Former tall and straight such as bamboo Yang Danxin twinkling into the wind weak willow.Yu Dayou heaved a sigh.However, Yu dayou did not have too much time to consider these children’s personal affairs.The next day he began to coordinate the dispatch of naval forces to the South Island.Fortunately, one night later, Yang danxin stood like a tall and straight bamboo, but her smile and gentleness had disappeared and she looked more mature.Mobilizing naval forces is not an easy task.Two months later, Yang danxin pulled out of camp and stood on the Autumn wind pavilion of Alligator Du, looking north.It took a long time to get on the ship.Hold the side of the boat and stand still.Yu dayou knows what she is thinking, but it is not easy to point out.Oh, I’m afraid the boy will die!Nature plays tricks on people!Boats go round and the mast is crowded.Standing on the watchtower, Zhang Huaitian not shaking his head and sighing, this Wu Ping is really great, it was easy to defend difficult to attack, now under the control of Wu Ping, iron bucket also like.Wherever it was possible to land, camps were built and heavily guarded.A strong attack, I’m afraid the nearby sea water will turn into blood.Feeling, Zhang Huaitian suddenly remembered his father.His grandfather was poor and married into the CAI family. He inherited CAI’s surname and gave his name as CAI Jing.On loan at Jinshan Temple in Fuzhou.Zhengde twelve years in the Jinshi, into the eunuchs, only to return to the ancestral name.But what about Wu Ping?Think of Wu Ping, immediately think of Wu Xiaoyan.Do not know how small pity now?That day, just wu Xiaoyan put down, heard the sound of stairs, hurriedly jump down.Originally wanted to hide in the vicinity, suddenly remembered to throw in the soul cliff on the roasted chicken.Just sneaking to the cliff, see more than a dozen people are running toward the mountain, had to give up, in the mountains and search for people around.Into the night, or a sworn appearance.Thinking about it, he dived into the water camp from the sea, found the largest three-masted gunship, climbed up and killed a chieflike man who was watching.Now that they have been found, when an assassin, but also to save the small pity left trouble.The death of the chief caused great confusion in the water camp.While the chaos out of the water village, straight to the low cliff of the Tibetan ship.Out of the water camp is not far, met a man is walking back, while hurriedly assigned troops.In for a penny, in for a pound, ran and slashed the man’s throat.Passing by the bamboo house, could not help but go upstairs to look at Wu Xiaoyan.Wu Xiaoyan and clothes lying on the bed, still with tears in his eyes.Heartstrings tremble, untie the sword, put on the side of Wu Xiaoyan, reluctant to leave Nanao Island.Although Wu Ping let his sister practice kung fu, it was only for self-protection, and he never let her meddle in his affairs.So, it was not until dawn that xiao Cao heard that Lin Daogan and Zeng had been killed.By the way, think of Wu Xiaoyan, Zhang Huaitian flashed, quickly under the watchtower.Yoo stayed off the island and still lived on the boat.Because Wu Ping strengthened his defense, and nanao Island was covered with ravines and forests, it was almost a bloody attack.After two months of hard fighting, Wu Ping was finally reduced to the vicinity of the old camp.Wu Ping defended by danger, suddenly deadlocked down.Is thinking of good policy, with footsteps, Zhang Huaitian strides in.See Zhang Huaitian face beaming, way: “Huaitian, think of what break the enemy’s strategy?”Zhang Huaitian smile nod, fu in yu Dayou ear whisper a few words.Yu Dayou face immediately show surprise, way: “how many people?”Zhang Huaitian put up a finger, way: “one hundred.””When?” asked Yu.Zhang Huaitian firmly tunnel: “Speed is the value of soldiers.””Yip Dan Lou,” Yu shouted.”In!”The ye Dan floor of the outside simply should 1, striding in.”Pick 100 who are good at climbing,” yu said.See yu Dayou face red, Ye Dan Lou resounding answer 1: “yes!”The setting sun, off Zhang Huaitian and Ye Dan floor, Yu Dayou relaxed a lot.Yang danxin stir-fried two small dishes and ironed a pot of wine.Yu Dayou is very happy, call Wu Duan drink together.Zhang Huaitian has been Yu Dayou’s brains, often outwitted to win.Now, Zhang Huaitian and Ye Dan floor with one hundred people go, I am afraid with how long there will be good news.Yang sat on her side and poured wine for them.Sometimes take a gentle sip.Wu Duan knew she had been in a bad mood, so he finished his jug of wine and stood up to say goodbye.Yu Dayou stood in front of the sand table again.Yang Danxin was cleaning up the dishes when she suddenly stopped and lifted her hand. A dish flew out.Pa, porcelain fly upwards, a black shadow scurried in, a spear gun straight stab yu Dayou’s back heart.Whoosh, another plate flew to the shadow’s wrist, Yang Danxin threw the plate, and the sword came out of its scabbard, slanting at the shadow’s neck.Suddenly, a dark shadow wrapped in the cold wind split Yang Danxin’s arm.Save the heart, Yang Danxin this sword almost exhausted, where there is still time to close!There was a flash of blood, an arm cut off shoulder length.The sword sank slightly, fell a little, and, poof, the sharp blade slid into the assassin’s shoulder, passing across it and exposing a blade of inches at the other end.The assassin staggered, missed his aim with a jerk, and landed with a crash on the sand table.Yu leaned forward, holding the sand plate with one hand and his sword with the other, turning over and pointing it straight at the assassin’s throat.Just have a meal, Yu Dayou easy solution of the Jingchu sword on the sand table, inadvertent move, immediately into a life-saving straw.How can an assassin lift a spear with a shot through the shoulder?As he gave way, the sword went into the flesh near his neck, and, poof, there was a splash of blood.With a muffled roar, the assassin threw down his spear and stumbled out of the room.At this time, outside the chaos has become a pot of porridge, phoenix village dong people brothers have and assassins together in a scuffle.Wu end afraid of the inside of an accident, is toward inside blunt, just encounter blunt come out of the assassin, cuddled head is a knife.The assassin swung his arm recklessly, snapped, half of it flew, and, escaping the fatal blow, the assassin staggered and fell headlong over the side of the boat.The dry caught the hilt of his sword against the side of the ship, flew off, and with the assassin fell into the dark water.Wu Duan stepped into the cabin, almost startled.An assassin brandishing a black double hook is chasing After Yang Danxin.Yang Danxin covered in blood, a hand covering his shoulder, hiding, extremely embarrassed.Yu Dayou is also struggling with a black dress person.The knife in the black man’s hand was narrow, straight, short and fierce.Yu dayou’s clothes were slashed several long lines, soaked with blood.With a loud roar, hold the knife in both hands and chop it down diagonally.The man in black was covered by a blade.Unexpectedly, the strange black man dangled, and the danger escaped the wu End of the broadsword.Then, and incredible a back kick, accurate in the wu end of the soft ribs, suddenly inverted fly out, fell in the door.Fall of the moment, he saw the assassin a hook hook Yang Danxin thigh, sheng Yang Danxin lun up.Wu Duan wanted to pick it up, but the black man one foot, the whole heart and lung like hot oil cooked, just got up half a head toppled.Yang danxin broke an arm after the fight.One hand to the wound, the other wrapped around the assassin.Not Yang Danxin can not run, she has thought of the assassin must be sent by Wu Ping, the target is my adoptive father.

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