Lou Jiahui, tough player of Chinese women’s football team, returns!Decisive battle South Korea mei Xi Pool smiles, importance does not lose wang Frost

On February 5th, Beijing time, a day later, China women’s Football team will face our old rival South Korea in the final of the Women’s Asian Cup to fight for the final championship, is also a strong team.Although Japan and Australia rank first among the favorites to win the Asian Cup this time, there is no doubt that After South Korea eliminated Australia, China will not take this opponent lightly and will be cautious about the next big battle.I don’t know what you think, but let us know what you think in the comments below. Thank you.On both sides in the past performance of the Asian cup, the champion of six Chinese women’s soccer team had won’t, but the last time won’t back in 2006, that is to say, we have 16 years failed to win, is the last time and reached the final 14 years ago, in 2008,I didn’t have the last laugh.South Korea has never won the Asian Cup in its history. Its best result was the third place in the Asian Cup in 2003, so it has set a new record by reaching the final.As the most Asian Cup winners in history, there is no doubt that the Chinese women will be hoping to defend their glory this time around.But it’s definitely not going to be an easy match because Korea is improving very much and they have a lot of players who play in European leagues and know the Chinese women’s football very well.In the Olympic qualifying tournament game of last year, when the Chinese team 2-0 win over South Korea on road, the results back to the home in suzhou, China, instead of a little won’t play, played one hand tied behind your back, 2-0 at home, of overtime by Tang Jiali assists frost completed the tough to beat, eliminate rivals, enter into the finals of the Olympics, can say,Now the Korean team has made great progress and has the strength to compete with the Chinese team.Speaking of the Korean national Team, one of their ace players, known as the Queen of Korea Messi Ji Xiaoran.At this time, the pool smile but also have a good play, the 30-year-old from Chelsea’s midfield star is currently in Europe league of the most outstanding performance of the Asian player, she has been in England in 2014 women’s football played in the premier league and has played 112 league games have been scored 37 into;She has a very high status in the Korean national team. She was selected to the National team in 2006 and has played 126 games and scored 63 goals. She is a very comprehensive player.Chi has led Chelsea to five women’s Premier League titles, finishing third in the 2010 FIFA Women’s Under-20 World Cup final.Pool to smile but usually at the left is more, in the middle in the previous game 1-0 victory over Australia, she is from the detour to the middle, and then the area exposure finish perfect world wave into a foot, in the 87th minute winner to Australia, now she has scored four goals, on top of parallel came in third place,Only behind Wang Shuang and Wang Shanshan a ball, it can be said that the next game for the Chinese team’s biggest task is how to freeze her.Therefore, the author thinks that from the current situation, whether Wang Shuang can come back to play in the final is not the most important thing, the most important thing is whether Lou Jiahui can come back in time, Lou Jiahui injured her waist in the previous match, was violated by the opponent 4 times in the match, and finally regretfully retired in the 62nd minute.But from the point of the present situation, the henan women’s fan club revealed LouJiaHui injuries were not serious, just can’t at that time, now has a return of lightning, so the rest of the women’s final, she should still can bite a tooth go hard, hope her for the next game, can continue to resist pressure to smile at the dead pool.

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