Know whether: Zhou Snow niang wants to take refuge in Mo LAN why is rejected?It turned out that she was not loyal to Mrs. Lin either

To Chinese cymbidium outside the tapping-up male this thing, this forest pavilion is upside down, originally shing lee about the small niang, Lin is going to put up and down the forest pavilion servant or killed all the disposal or sell, but remind shing lee dong rong so arouses suspicion, shing lee to change their minds, killed two closest female moran only make plant species and cloud,The rest of the men even Lin Xiaoniang zhou Snow niang around all survived, is to get a meal board hind legs were limped, from then on became sheng home fire wench.Such a day for the former and Lin Xiaoniang zhou Snow, it is from heaven into hell, but Lin Xiaoniang’s forces were uprooted, even Lin Xiaoniang himself in the city of pingling zhuang alone died, no memorial tablet worship, Snow Zhou again how?She can only honestly do coolie in the sheng home, hope in the small master Ink orchid can remember yourself, one day back to the sheng home to save yourself out, but ink orchid back door many times never thought of zhou Snow niang such a person, Zhou Snow niang can only take the initiative to find ink orchid.Thought in Zhou Xuenian moran will see she landed on this end and lend a helping hand, who know Chinese cymbidium even some money cannot support the old servant, I was so angry Zhou Xuenian take out all the things to coerce the ink, the results by moran warned the other leg don’t also want to keep, to see the screen in front of the audience is sarcasm, ridicule and ink orchid no human nature, even the heart of mother want to deal with.Can Zhou Snow niang is true to Mo LAN, she will be rejected, because she is not so loyal to Lin Xiao Niang.From Zhou Xuenian moran received his mouth, put forward to follow moran to liang’s work, clear is the threat to Chinese cymbidium, because close to the servant here die the death of the selling of selling, the participants only snow niang so old goods next week, she stayed at home is controllable, is going to say something to earls court, moran to kill all trouble, that in order to block the Zhou Xuenian mouth,Can’t Moran pay a price?Sure enough, after being rejected, Zhou Snow niang instant change face, zhang Kou is about to threaten The Black orchid, this if take beam home, the black Orchid can be much a time bomb.If Snow Snow zhou had been loyal to Lin, she would never have appeared in front of Mo LAN, let alone threatened mo LAN with a word. Although Mo LAN is not a good person, she is not stupid enough to put such a person beside her.Once upon a time Zhou Xueniang is to Lin Xiaoniang obedient, but she from Lin Xiaoniang there to get many benefits, and harm Wei Xiaoniang that, Lin Xiaoniang hand I do not know how many people were beaten and sold, but no one came out to testify against her, Zhou Xueniang is not as good as that group of people, Ink orchid can not want her.Actually Zhou Xue Niang follows Lin Xiao Niang to mix should know, they this kind of person is not to talk about feelings, command you to do things also is to give sufficient benefit, never empty set white Wolf, only existence uses the person of value, just be the condition that Black orchid leaves, qiu Jiang still wants to go out to get married, black orchid does not put?Zhou Snow niang incredibly want to interplead with such a person, it is fantastic, but her attitude also changed quickly, it seems that Lin Xiaoniang Mo LAN is the same kind of person, that she got this end is not unjust.

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