Embrace the earth and the light sky

Speaking of my relationship with photography, it can be traced back to the 1980s. The first camera I touched in my life was a film machine brought by my sister-in-law from my parents’ house, which was called a silly melon machine.Occasionally, when I wanted to tinker, I bought a roll or two of black and white or color film and shot people or scenes for development.From film to photos, the cost is very high, for I am going to school and from an ordinary family, it is really difficult, money is often: to shoot the surrounding familiar characters have to be developed as soon as possible to others, in order to avoid paying money and people complain that I did not take pictures;Pictures of my own family or some landscapes would sit in a drawer in silence for a long time until I had enough money to develop them.Suspected Wonderland in the World.Water Color.To tell you the truth, I miss the camera that accompanied me to wander in nature for many times and did not remember the brand. It made me forget the troubles of many young years.I’m sure it’s still sitting idle somewhere in my sister-in-law’s closet.I look forward to seeing it again someday sometime.Scenery everywhere.Working for many years and even after a few years of marriage, I have no conditions to buy a favorite camera, in the envy of others playing with their hands when the camera, I know how I 恓 panic and helpless.By chance, I finally had the selfish courage to buy a camera without communicating with my wife at a meeting in the provincial capital.I took it home and hid it in the closet like a thief until my wife found me.Life is always like this, listen to the next self-inflicted blame, to walk out of the demons of the heart, and then a relaxed with the years.Can remember the past.I like to hold a heavy camera in heaven and earth, like the wind everywhere freely, the scenery that pleases my mood and let me be moved by the scene or character to take down, let my years have precipitation and aftertaste things exist.Sakura Grove of Dreams.Photography way, accompanied by a hungry, there are none in the middle of nowhere, with the storm or memory, have alone never lucky, have land the hospitable, friendly have long run, there are a few pictures “whole” comfort, and with the earth sky hugs calm, more quiet morning heart to nature to find…Yin Jia Road text/photo

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