Early know, do not support children to take a postgraduate entrance examination, a mother from the heart, said the status quo of the postgraduate entrance examination

In today’s increasingly competitive society, many students in order to improve their competitiveness, will study hard, get a good university, and some students in the college entrance examination is not ideal, I hope to study hard in the university, for a better major.In order to enrich themselves, most students will choose to take postgraduate entrance exams, which will provide them with more job opportunities and more income.However, not all students can successfully pass the exam, some students who did not successfully pass the exam, began to repeat the exam.Xiao Hao’s mother told us such a story. Her son wanted to enter the postgraduate program of our school after graduation. She and her lover were very happy and fully supported their son’s study.During a year of studying at home, the couple took care of their son’s daily necessities and gave him pocket money every month to go out for entertainment.Originally domestic condition still calculates pretty good, but did not pass how long they also felt exhaustion, seeing arrived exam eve, husband and wife 2 people wait quietly for son to pass exam smoothly.But to the examination results query, but found that his son did not pass.This disappointed the couple, but they could not show it, fearing that their son would be hit.The son looked at the results of the night silent, the next day told the two couples, he is ready to continue to study, next year must pass the exam.They thought their son did not play well and were still proud of their son’s perseverance. But gradually they found xiao Hao secretly playing games in his room every day. He had an online dating partner, and he could hardly be seen reviewing.After several reminders, my son was furious that they did not love him.Finally got to the exam, it can be imagined that Xiao Hao failed again.And this time xiao Hao begged her again, hoping to give him a last chance, he vowed not to play games, poor world parents heart, softhearted parents again agreed to their son’s request.I wonder if, as a third-year student, he will pass the exam smoothly.What kind of students are not suitable for postgraduate entrance examination, the following types listened to the small hao mother about, suddenly felt cold feeling, some children will never understand their parents painstakingly.This is obviously a boy who evaded social responsibilities and took the postgraduate entrance examination as a shield for being lazy. He may be happy at home and has no desire to go out to work, let alone study.In fact, there are a lot of students are not suitable for postgraduate entrance examination, not suitable for students must not waste time, waste parents’ money and mind.The first type is students with poor self-control. Although these students have graduated from college and are not young, their self-control is not strong, so it is difficult for them to study independently.After all, both postgraduate entrance examination and postgraduate study require investment of time and money. If the family cannot support the cost of study, it is better to choose direct employment and find a suitable job as soon as possible.There are poor learning foundation, very lazy students.To know that postgraduate entrance examination is not to escape from reality, but also to pay efforts, if usually lazy, it is difficult to ensure that in this year’s study hard study, poor learning foundation is not suitable for postgraduate entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination is not a simple exam, there is no certain learning foundation, or as far as possible to directly find a job employment.Before graduating from university, students have to consider whether they are suitable for postgraduate entrance exams in advance. Faced with two choices of employment and further study, students often have a headache.So how to choose?Actually, we can look at it in many ways.First of all, it is the direction of students’ major development. If the major is academically strong and cannot find a matching job after graduation, they have to choose other industries to find employment. However, after the postgraduate entrance examination, they can enrich themselves and make full use of their value in the industry, so they are advised to choose the postgraduate entrance examination.In addition, if the student’s family conditions are relatively good, they are very supportive of the student to take the postgraduate entrance examination, they can also choose to continue their studies, after the material basis is guaranteed, they can also concentrate on learning.If this major is not a non-postgraduate entrance examination to find a job, there are many employment opportunities in the society, students try to choose to go out of campus early to work.Especially the family condition is not good students, to consider the feelings of the family, some parents in order to raise the children of more than 20 years old learning, tired gray hair, this is a very negative energy behavior.We do not consume their youth, eat the health of parents.Finally, we have to say that there are some students who are very suitable for learning and can have a better future after the postgraduate entrance examination. If their family conditions do not allow, they should try not to give up their studies. They can apply for student loans to the school or study while doing part-time jobs.Hard work and hard study are always respected.Do you think postgraduate entrance examination is a necessary choice for graduates?

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