After men get up, there are no following three phenomena, indicating “kidney qi full”, which is too enviable

Kidney as a very important organ in the body, in addition to the generation of urine discharge urine, but also play a role in regulating qi and blood function, to discharge the body’s excess metabolic waste and garbage, maintain the balance of water and sodium in the body and electrolyte stability, so that the metabolism can run normally.# # Xia Fang health guide under normal circumstances, each of us has two kidneys, divided into the left kidney and right kidney, the appearance of kidney shaped like a bean, tightly attached to the waist at the back of the spine on both sides of shallow fossa, the kidney is the foundation of the nature, is the main source of Yang in organs of male first aging is the kidney, after age 40 men who don’t want to own aging faster than their peers,Please focus on protecting kidney health.01 men get up, there are no following three phenomena, suggesting “kidney qi full”, too envy1, lower limb edema men get up, you can observe whether their body edema problem, especially lower limbs and eyelid parts once edema, it is likely to be kidney lesions.Kidney as the main organ to produce urine and discharge urine, once there is a problem with the kidney, it will make a large amount of water accumulation in the body can not be discharged from the body, a large amount of water retention will enter the summer solstice with the blood flow near the performance of edema in the legs.If there is no edema in the lower limbs after morning, your kidneys are healthy, please continue to maintain.2, urine discharge is not smooth human drinking water every time, it takes about 35 to 45 minutes, through the filtration of the glomerular and the reabsorption of the renal sac, is transformed into urine by the kidney, excreted through the ureter.After the kidney or kidney deficiency, micturition would also be affected, urine discharge not smooth problems, urinary frequency, urgency, urine pain, weak, foam in urine, yellow urine, urine protein content more, can all be signs of a kidney disease change, if you urinate process is very smooth, kidney is very healthy.3, frequent hair loss if you look carefully, you will find that a lot of elderly middle-aged people will appear frequent hair loss, especially when combing their hair, a lot of hair loss.Traditional Chinese medicine said: kidney hair, through the hair can accurately determine the kidney health problems, if your hair loss rate is too serious, gray hair growth rate is slow, it is likely to be a problem with the kidney, then be sure to maintain kidney health in advance, let your hair become more dense black.02 Middle-aged men, how to maintain kidney health?(1) Get rid of the bad habit of holding urine in life, many men have the bad habit of holding urine for a long time. Holding urine is a very harmful behavior to the body. Long-term holding urine seriously affects health and induces urinary tract inflammation and kidney inflammation.Concerned expert investigation discovers: the kidney fails patient of 30% above, all have the bad habit that holds in urine for a long time, for health, please get rid of this one bad behavior as soon as possible.(2) Active exercise actively participate in physical exercise, is one of the ways to maintain physical health, adhere to exercise, can improve the body metabolism ability, accelerate the discharge of toxic waste in the body, through sweat metabolism of toxins than direct detoxification effect.Insist on exercise can also effectively activate the body’s immune system, improve the body’s immunity and resistance, resist the invasion of viruses, maintain kidney health, alleviate the consumption of Yang qi.(3) Not indiscriminate use of health care drugs is three points of poison, many health care drugs sold on the market, and not as effective as imagined, long-term use of health care drugs will not only fail to achieve the purpose of health care, but will damage the health of the body, increase the burden of kidney and liver metabolism detoxification, to bring a great threat to health.(4) Avoid staying up late to sleep is an important way to maintain physical health, develop regular work and rest, quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption, reasonably regulate emotions, can enhance physical fitness.Often stay up late will accelerate the consumption and damage of the kidney, but also indirectly lead to insufficient male kidney qi, kidney weakness, in order to kidney health, please develop the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early.A husband and wife (5) avoid excessive life suitable for husband and wife life, is the basis of maintaining the happiness family, both men and women have sexual desire, suitable for husband and wife life, good regulate emotions on both sides, a husband and wife if excessive life, may be too much overdraft body, lead to male kidney convulsion, shortened life spans, affect sperm quality.Sexual life pay attention to one’s ability, need to stop, not too much.(6) adhere to the foot bubble foot is one of the many health ways, the sole of the foot acupoints, adhere to the foot, can promote the blood circulation of the whole body, open up the meridians, adhere to the massage of the sole of the foot acupoints, help alleviate the occurrence of calf varicose veins, but also can effectively regulate kidney health.When soaking feet, stimulate the acupoints on the sole of feet, nourish the kidney and solidify essence, and make the body stronger.What are the common kidney diseases?Diabetic nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy is a complications from diabetes development, when the blood glucose levels in the body, with a large number of sugar into the kidney, blood will make in the kidney with sugar and protein content increased, induce diabetic nephropathy, renal insufficiency, creatinine increases, substantial damage to the kidney, the influence is healthy.Chronic nephritis is a kind of kidney disease originating from glomerulus, the onset is slow, clinically can be divided into mild and moderate chronic nephritis, mainly manifested as edema, hypertension, proteinuria, hematuria.After the occurrence of chronic nephritis, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in a timely manner, otherwise it will lead to further deterioration of the kidney. 35%~55% of nephrosclerosis and kidney cancer patients are developed from chronic nephritis. Early prevention and early treatment of this disease are key.Renal failure renal failure is the pathological state of partial or total loss of renal function caused by the late development of various chronic kidney diseases, which can be divided into chronic kidney failure and acute kidney failure. After the occurrence of renal failure, abnormal symptoms such as hematuria, urgent urination, and painful urination will occur.In the early stage of the disease, the growth of bad cells is inhibited by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Once the disease develops to the later stage, kidney transplantation can only be used to temporarily delay life or long-term dialysis treatment, which brings heavy economic burden and psychological pressure to patients.

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