A natural disaster has befallen Japan, and the “Eruption of Mount Fuji” has become an international phenomenon. China should pay attention

An undersea volcanic eruption in the South Pacific island nation of Tonga has caused widespread concern, causing severe damage and affecting more than 80,000 people.The tongan government issued a distress call.As tonga erupts, all eyes turn to Japan’s Mount Fuji.Recently, According to Reference News, Japanese experts said that it is not surprising when Mount Fuji erupts.The “Fuji eruption” drew attention to an eruption in Tonga that sent ash and gas into the air, triggering a tsunami, contaminating water supplies and shutting down communication systems.The volcano eruption has brought untold losses to Tonga. The Chinese side has lent a helping hand to Tonga immediately and the first batch of aid materials has been delivered to Tonga.People in Japan have expressed concern about Mount Fuji after an eruption in Tonga.Residents of nearby Mount Fuji, which was hit by a recent earthquake, are even more worried.Previously, the “Great Baonaga Eruption” in 1707 was widely believed to have been caused by a magnitude 8.6 earthquake in the southern Japanese Trench 50 days before the eruption.In 2011, after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan, there were numerous reports that Mount Fuji might erupt soon.More than a decade has passed, but the concerns of the Japanese people remain.Mount Fuji, which has been silent for more than 300 years, could erupt again, threatening Japan with a natural disaster.China needs to be very wary of the fact that China and Japan are neighbors. If Mount Fuji erupts in Japan, it will shake the northern hemisphere and affect not only Japan. China needs to pay attention this time.It is thought that the impact of the ash can reach thousands of kilometers, causing serious economic damage to Japan, China will be affected more or less.Once Mount Fuji erupts, it will have a serious impact on the lives of tens of millions of people nearby. The Japanese government and relevant experts in Japan cannot take it lightly. They also monitor the situation of Mount Fuji at any time, accurately estimate and make preparations in advance.If one day really erupt, unapt be in a hurry, also can reduce the loss to the lowest.Mount Fuji remained silent for 315 years, accumulating energy in its body for 315 years. Once it erupted, the consequences would be unimaginable.This led to the “Mount Fuji eruption” speculation spreading in the Japanese Internet environment.To be sure, there is no definitive evidence that Mount Fuji will erupt again in the near future.Mount Fuji, Japan’s largest active volcano, is a daily source of concern for residents of the Tokyo metropolitan area.After seeing the devastation caused by the tongan volcano eruption, which inundated main streets in the capital, The Japanese were not worried that the eruption of Mount Fuji was fake.Disclaimer: This article is created by “times interpretation”, pictures source network, if there is infringement, please contact us.Some message reference source: Reference message

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