8 special working group scene oath sworn sworn xujiahui street held “three old” to “three new” work promotion conference

In order to fully implement the “three old” to “three new” work spirit of the district Committee and the district government, and effectively implement the renovation of the old community in the promotion task, On January 28, Xujiahui street combined with the party history study, held xujiahui street Party history study education summary meeting and 2022 “three old” to “three new” work promotion conference.At the meeting, Kang Wei, deputy director of the sub-district Office, deployed the work promotion plan of transforming “three old” into “three new” in 2022.Then the overall promotion group, party construction leading group, conflict resolution group, grassroots governance group, dismantling and breach of key group, propaganda and mobilization group, aerial line into the ground and road renovation group, beautiful block landscape road improvement group and other 8 special working group representatives of the scene oath oath, community management office representatives, urban management team leader,Leshan Ersan village, Xuhui new village, Zero Ling residential area secretary and Xuhui a zheng company chairman made a statement.According to the district Committee’s new positioning and deployment of “Excellent Xuhui”, Xujiahui street anchors the node target of “scattered old renovation will be completed in one year, housing renovation will be completed in three years, and complete renovation will be launched in five years”, and the work of “three old” and “three new” will be put into practice.In accordance with the standards of the central activity area in a modern international metropolis and the 15-minute community living circle, we will provide old houses with new looks, old neighborhoods with new clothes, and residents in old neighborhoods with new lives. We will effectively solve the people’s problems of “urgent need”, and enhance their sense of gain, happiness, and security.To provide xujiahui residents with a safer, more orderly, cleaner and happier living environment.In particular, to the “three old” become “sanxin” demonstration area to create a standard, focus on advancing the tank floor, leshan area, meteorological center of Peking University village renewal work, three areas including at the same time, expand the space of upgrading and extension, accelerate the standardization of wan ping market reformation, leshan market forms the overall upgrade and community canteen building, construction of residential area as the core,The 15-minute community life circle with community public service as the fulcrum realizes the quality upgrade of “livable, suitable for business and suitable for travel”.To carry out comprehensive repair of old housing in kaixuan First Village, Lianlian Nandan and Lane 66 Yude Road, three residential areas with serious housing damage, solve the problems of water leakage, poor drainage, disorderly corridor, old public facilities and damaged roads in the residential area, so that residents can truly feel the comprehensive improvement of their living environment.Around xujiahui sports park and xujiahui business circle around, to zhao jia bang road – three pedestrian bridge to carry out the reform along the hongqiao road renovation, the XieTu, day key bridge road and other 10 road to carry out the overhead lines into the ground and lever modification, such as cao caoxibei road, lingling road in six road landscape lighting and modification, improve film huayuan, Shanghai apartment of two image along the street,Promote the upgrading of business forms along the streets such as Tianyaoqiao Road and Yude Road, connect xujiahui Business circle and Xujiahui Sports Park, enrich the cultural connotation and differentiated experience of Xujiahuiyuan, promote the linkage of business, tourism and culture, and form the development trend of the central activity area with complex functions.At the meeting, Xuhui a zheng company said: the company will consolidate and expand the party history learning and education results, keep in mind the people-oriented, with a stronger sense of mission and responsibility, the quality of life to improve the progress on the heart, grasp on hand, accelerate the “three old” change “three new” pace, do excellent pieceof old reform and other project management services.Timely summary home, xiao li qin jiang road 47 a project, and are involved in other part of the complete renovation project of the old street to experience, to play a role of the party leading a higher quality, more close to do a good job, people thought more professionally provide housing transaction services as the goal, strive to be completed by the end of March 2022 huaihai road sign the ground work of the project,For xujiahui street to successfully achieve the requirements of the central city of Xuhui construction objectives, to hand over satisfactory answers.Finally, street party working committee secretary Wan Xiaolan puts forward deployment requirement with respect to next phase work: one, want to improve political thinking ability, the party is built to guide carry out vigorously.We must consolidate and deepen the results of party history study and education, always stay true to our original aspiration of promoting development, serving the people, and rallying the hearts of the people, overcome various difficulties, and do everything we can to meet the urgent and anxious expectations of the people.Second, we need to improve our bottom-line thinking and focus on the nuances of people’s livelihood.We will focus on the most prominent problems that people have strongly complained about, solve the most immediate and immediate problems that people are most concerned about, and truly improve the quality of people’s lives.Third, to improve the thinking ability of the area, urban renewal of the overall governance.We should continue to use and improve the thinking ability of the area, and “pack” a number of old communities into “areas”. We should promote the renewal of old communities in accordance with the integration of inside and outside the walls, integration of construction and management, integration of self-governance and co-governance and other modes, so as to build Xujiahui, which is more livable, suitable for business and a better life.Fourth, we need to improve the thinking capacity of the people and work for joint contribution, common governance and shared benefits.We must encourage the masses to participate in urban construction and management in an orderly manner, pay attention to soliciting opinions from the people, respect the reality of communities and the wisdom of the masses, and meet the diverse, high-quality, and personalized needs of the masses.We should continue to build refined communities and high-quality blocks, enhance residents’ sense of community belonging, further improve the long-term mechanism of community self-governance, and create a refined and diversified governance model under which the government, society, and citizens work together for common benefits.

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