18 consecutive pension increases set for 2022?Category 4 residents will get an extra payday. Is that you?

Article: Zhang Gongzi even 2020, 2021, when the retirement pension, also still achieved a rise.So as 2022 approaches, people want to know, will 18 consecutive increases come?There has been no clear official response, but there are signs of hope in many publicly available economic data.Even that hope is becoming more secure.Why?It all started on July 1st last year.At that time, relevant departments issued the “Social Insurance Law”.Among them, clear provision: the country establishes basic annuities normal adjustment mechanism, should adjust retiree annuities level according to worker wage growth and price rise circumstance.In this case, when the trend of retirees’ pensions is not clear, we can start from the level of employee wages and prices.There is no doubt that wages will rise in 2021.Even in official statistics, the answer is clear.Last year, the national per capita disposable income reached 35,128 yuan.Among them, the national per capita wage income has reached 19,629 yuan.Either way, it is up more than 9 percent year on year.What about the price level? Has it been synchronized?In fact, there is no official data, we have obvious experience in daily life.Of course, in order to make a more accurate forecast of retirees’ pensions, we also turned to official data.The data showed that the national consumer price index in 2021 increased by 0.9 percent compared with the previous year.Therefore, it should not be a big problem that the pension for retirees is expected to rise 18 times in a row this year when wages and prices are rising simultaneously.And not only that, when retirees’ pensions grow.Four groups of people are likely to see further increases.I wonder if you or your family are among them?First, the elderly.In fact, in the past ten years, China’s pension in the process of adjustment, there is a tilt to the elderly adjustment.Judging from the situation across the country last year, many areas will have dozens or hundreds of extra pieces for the elderly over 70 years old.And the older you get, the higher you get.The trend should continue this year, barring any surprises.Second, the elderly with a high pension base.Pension has always been based on the principle of pay more, so in the process of raising, naturally, the same principle.The higher the basic pension, the higher the increase will be.So in order to get more pension in the future, we must pay more when we are young.Third, the pension of the cadres of military enterprises is lower than the local average level.Similar to the first situation, many cities are adjusting their pension plans to give priority to ex-military officers.One of the simplest and most direct measures is to raise the level above the local average for those who are below the local average.Finally, there are special groups of people in particular places.The economic development of each province is different, so the specific adjustment of pension, there will be some differences.Especially for many retired people who have worked in remote areas, their working environment is more difficult.So in many cities, there will be a certain amount of extra subsidies for these retirees.This article is originally produced by Jufu Finance. Please do not reprint it without permission.

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