Zhao Rui social networking site anger against Liaoning fans, he was censorless traffic to the gas!

In the Spring Festival, Zhao Rui appeared in a shopping mall, and also played in the field, the whole process zhao Rui was in a very good mood.Of course, after Zhao rui arrived, a lot of people gathered around him and uploaded a lot of videos to social networking sites.At this time, there was an embarrassing situation. At that time, a Liaoning fan uploaded and called Zhao Rui fat, but Zhao Rui really couldn’t stand it, and directly criticized the player in the comments section.Among them, Zhao Rui said four words: I am familiar with you for a long time no see.Bad eyes make go to the hospital to see ophthalmology.What do YOU care what I do?Don’t rub.I’m gonna kick your ass today. Why?Of course, many people do not know how to see such a situation, after all, the Liaoning fan just feel Zhao Rui fat, he sent such a big temper.And according to the news revealed by fans, the main reason is because of this person before black guangdong team, so in this case, Zhao Rui really could not help.After all, before the black Guangdong, now to ceng their own flow, this is the most Intolerable Zhao Rui.So in this case, he just went ballistic.Of course, the Liaoning fan deleted many of Zhao’s comments, and also wrote in the comments section, “Please don’t call others fat during the Spring Festival.”This also caused the dissatisfaction of countless fans, after all, this series of moves is a bit inexplicable.Anyway, I hope there will be fewer black team members in private. After all, the relationship between liaoning and Guangdong players is very good, and there are so many teammates in the national team, they are like brothers.It’s just the fans going crazy on social networking sites and then going crazy with a black dot, which I’m sure the players don’t want to see.

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