Yongxing Court @you vote for he Lunbo, the young candidate of hunan In the new Era of 2022

The 8th hunan Province “Striving for a New Era of Hunan Upward and Good Youth” praise activity has begun!The people’s Court of Yongxing County in Hunan Province has a little partner who needs your attention and praise!Vote on 31 March (Thursday) to April 2nd (Saturday) 8:00 to 20:00 every day voting sweep yards to vote for him or to enter “chenzhou municipal committee of the communist youth league” WeChat public, click on the menu bar of the “good young players into voting page input” name (He Lunbo) or number (3018) can thumb up, or scan the qr code into the “hunan altogetherQingtuan “wechat public number to like or directly click on the end of this article to like voting process can also be shared to friends and relatives with one key power (player name: He Lunbo;No. : 3018) C place debut on your one vote!Editor: Cao Sha first trial: Huang Liping second trial: Ma Yikun copyright to the original author all, to pay tribute to the original

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