Xinhua | Inner Mongolia: Protect “energy artery”, transport green “Black Gold”

In early spring, baiyinhua open-pit mining area in Inner Mongolia is covered with snow and cold air. The locomotive rumbles and black gold rolls on the production site. A train of special coal trains travels from the vast snow plains to the power plant, which is an “energy artery” delivering green “black gold” to northeast China.At present, Inner Mongolia Baiyinhua Mengdong Coal Industry Company coal mining site temperature of minus 25 degrees Celsius or so, stoker retake machine uniform speed transmission just mined coal.As usual, wang Jinshuang, a repairman in heavy overalls, checks every bolt on the stacker’s brake.Wang Jinshuang told reporters: “The stoker is an important equipment for coal transport in the mining area, once the failure will affect the efficiency of coal transport, we need to timely maintenance, to ensure the safety and stable operation of the equipment.”Baiyinhua Mengdong Coal Industry Co., LTD. (BAIyinhua Mengdong Coal Industry Co., LTD.) is an important coal production base in northeast China with an approved annual output of 20 million tons.The coal transmission system overhauled by Wang Jinshuang’s team can stably transport about 2,000 tons of coal per hour, and its production technology is at the leading level in China.Wang Jinshuang told reporters that their maintenance work to implement a year-round, all-weather working system.During this year’s Spring Festival, they worked in shifts to ensure both epidemic prevention and supply.Coal is supplied, it’s produced, it’s shipped.Like Wang Jinshuang, shen Liping, a driver of the coal loading station, also sticks to the production line.Reporters saw the scene, Shen Liping is using the automatic loading system fast loading, more than 50 cars have been filled, ready to go.”Thermal coal use is at its peak right now.We plan to send the coal to Liaoning and Jilin provinces to solve the problem of coal burning in northeast China.”Shen liping said.Reporters learned that the quantitative loading system operated by Shen Liping is advanced in technology. It only takes 40 seconds to load a carriage of coal, and it can load 80 tons of coal per minute, and the loading capacity is up to 50,000 tons per working day.”Due to the tight demand for thermal coal in northeast China, we will continue to spend the Spring Festival in coal mines to ensure coal supply,” Shen said.It is understood that the State Power Investment Inner Mongolia Company has 5 large modern open-pit coal mines with a total output of 81 million tons.During this year’s Spring Festival, the State Power Investment Corporation of Inner Mongolia sold 1.442 million tons of coal and shipped 358 special trains abroad, giving full play to its role as the main force and pillar of coal supply protection.”We stick to the front line of production, protect the ‘energy artery’ and timely send light and warmth to users,” Wang said.

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