Xiamen’s first “talent loan”, landed in the Xiamen branch of Industrial Bank

I need money to run my business.Industrial bank after understanding the situation, immediately recommended to us the combination of ‘talent loan’ and ‘division credit’.It only took one week from credit granting to landing, which is too fast!”Proud network information technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. after the approval of the loan sigh.On March 30th, under the guidance and support of Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Xiamen Branch of Industrial Bank landed the first “talent loan” in xiamen.According to the introduction, Industrial Bank “talent loan”, focusing on national science and technology leading talents and provincial and municipal high-level talents, talent value quantification as a basis for credit approval, up to 20 million yuan can be allocated for enterprises credit free guarantee loans.Not long ago, xiamen Municipal Party Committee personnel work conference stressed, “accelerate the promotion of the new era of talent to strengthen the city strategy, with the spirit of courage to take the lead in the spirit of responsibility, brave and resolute style will, to build a unique attractive talent highland, to take the lead in realizing socialist modernization to provide strong talent support.”The introduction of “talent loan” is an important measure to actively implement the banking industry’s support for high-level science and technology self-reliance and self-improvement, and increase the credit support for high-level talents’ innovation and entrepreneurship.Aowang Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise.Since its establishment in 2015, the company has actively responded to the rural revitalization strategy and the development trend of “Internet + Agriculture”, specializing in the informatization field of the live pig breeding industry chain. At present, the company has launched products including PIG OK breeding platform, breeding ERP, and so on, with broad market prospects.However, as a science and technology innovation enterprise, the operation scale is still small, and the r&d investment is a lot, so it is in urgent need of more financial support.Xiamen Branch of Industrial Bank with the help of the newly launched “technology flow” evaluation system for science and technology enterprises, and the science and technology credit loan policy launched by Xiamen Bureau of Science and Technology, “accurate portrait” of the enterprise’s science and technology innovation ability, the first time to give enterprises 2 million yuan “talent loan” and 3 million yuan “science and technology credit”.Xiamen branch official said: “By strengthening technology empowerment, government-bank cooperation to improve service efficiency, enterprises more convenient loans, they will be more recognized by our services.”According to the introduction, “technology flow” evaluation system, is a new means of industrial bank to crack the financing difficulties of science and technology enterprises.The system from talent labels, intellectual property, r&d, win the tournament awards, such as more than 10 dimensions, and achievements in science and technology talent, enterprise technology innovation strength to achieve accurate quantitative automatic recognition, provides the reliable data for financial services technology talent support and evaluation basis, further promote the talents as the core of financial products and services innovation.Up to now, Xiamen Branch has approved nearly 40 enterprises through the “technology flow” evaluation system, with an amount of more than 2.1 billion yuan. More than 20 enterprises have been approved, with an amount of more than 250 million yuan.It is understood that in recent years, in order to quickly respond to the call of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Government to increase the level of kEChuang financial services, the bank has continuously accelerated the construction of internal kEChuang financial services mechanism system, broken internal barriers, and accelerated the integration of front, middle and background services.Kechuang Financial Agile Working group, Kechuang Financial Business Center, Kechuang Financial Review Department, Kechuang Branch as one of the professional service team, to create a “1+3+ N” professional management team system, to further improve the quality and efficiency of kechuang financial services.Through a series of measures, Xiamen Branch will comprehensively improve its service capacity in emerging business areas such as science and technology finance, flexibly adapt to market changes, and effectively play the role of “science and technology finance experimental field”.At the same time, the branch has further innovated the service mode, transformed the technological “soft power” of the science and technology innovation enterprises into “hard currency” of financing, and opened a green channel for the approval of enterprises to ensure service efficiency.Technological innovation drives economic development.”Branch credit”, “talent loan”, “technology flow” and other innovative measures, is to implement the provincial party Committee, municipal party committee “improve efficiency, improve efficiency, improve efficiency” action deployment requirements, speed up the important measures to achieve a “good start”.In the future, Xiamen Branch will continue to explore the establishment of a long-term mechanism for kEChuang financial services, and launch more “product + technology” kEChuang financial products that meet the characteristics of kEChuang enterprises and are more down-to-earth, so as to help enterprises improve quality and efficiency and jointly promote high-quality economic and social development.Source: Straits Herald

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