What is the reason why the car suddenly has a great smell of gasoline?

In the process of using the vehicle, smell the phenomenon of gasoline in the vehicle cab, causing discomfort and tension.What is the reason for this?There are mainly the following main reasons: First, the vehicle long-term use of fuel rubber pipeline or interface will appear aging leakage, through the air conditioning outer circulation port into the cab;Second, the activated carbon tank and control valve used for adsorption, filtration and transportation of fuel vapor in the gasoline tank failed, resulting in fuel vapor leakage into the car;Third, may be in the maintenance of the replacement of gasoline filters, gasoline pump, residual gasoline did not timely clean or disassembly fuel parts after poor sealing, resulting in gasoline smell in the car;Fourth, when the vehicle engine mixture is too thick, it will cause the exhaust gas emissions containing insufficient combustion of gasoline molecules, so that the car personnel smell gasoline;Fifth, there may be in the vehicle fuel tank refueling, sprinkling or fuel cap is not screwed to cause fuel steam into the car;In short, when there is a gasoline smell in the cab, it is necessary to park the car in a safe area as soon as possible, conduct a preliminary inspection, and check whether there is obvious leakage of gasoline, or go to the nearest compliant automobile maintenance enterprise for detection and investigation.

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