Viya’s comeback may not be easy

Will Viya ever make a comeback?The answer may depend on nothing more than how she behaves now and in the future.It has been reported recently that Viya is seeking a comeback, the latest in March will be re-broadcast on Taobao.At the same time, in the evening of 12, a named “bee surprise club” account in Taobao open live, it is understood that live personnel are weiya broadcast room to help broadcast, there are also speculation, although weiya did not appear, but behind the scenes.But Taobao live small two said, did not receive weiya party to rebroadcast the plan, Weiya rebroadcast “unlikely.”After more than 50 days of Viya’s disappearance, the Bee Surprise Club was born.In addition to Taobao platform, Bee Surprise club is also online on multiple platforms such as Douyin.In the comments section of the live broadcast, one person even shouted “Viya come out, you are not here, don’t know where to buy things.”It is not clear whether such comments are spontaneous calls or just a test of the waters, but “Viya’s comeback” has clearly become a hot topic.At the end of last year, the Internet was shocked when she was fined 1.341 billion yuan, plus a late fee, for tax evasion.Subsequently, Weiya’s taobao live broadcast, Weibo, Douyin and other platform accounts were all banned.Viya can be described as “honor” before, the image is also quite positive, but can not withstand the investigation of the tax department, the annual income of billions or even billions, but not according to the law and regulations to pay taxes, both regrettable, more people angry.Tax authorities have further strengthened tax supervision to create a fairer tax environment, so that star artists and Internet celebrities really dare not evade taxes. Viya is undoubtedly a typical example.The news that She might be making a comeback hasn’t been confirmed yet, but that doesn’t stop us from talking about her coming back.”Bee surprise” online, whether it is the return of weya notice, or modest looking company while weya heat has not dispersed, with the appeal of reorganizing the broadcast room, weya flow again, we do not know.It should be emphasized that Viya and Modesty are different legal subjects, and there is no problem with “Bee Surprise club” as long as it operates legally and in compliance.However, those comments in the comments section called for Viya as soon as possible “comeback” voice, if it is not from shuijun, but there are netizens do this feeling, obviously irrational.As Viya herself said, “A wrong is a wrong.”At this moment, calling for her “comeback”, speaking for her, I’m afraid is not really helping her.If the price of tax evasion for leading streamers like Viya is to pay a fine and then quickly resume broadcasting after a short ban, how can other popular streamers really take the lesson of tax evasion to heart?If the price of tax evasion is not big enough, and there is a certain fluke, how can it play a sufficient deterrent role?In the face of financial interests, many star artists and Internet celebrity anchors can not withstand the test, in a sense, it is not only the weakness of human nature, but also the blessing of halo.If there is too much sympathy and too many exceptions, it is neither fair nor efficient.Will Viya ever make a comeback?The answer may depend on nothing more than how she behaves now and in the future.Because, flow may be effective, life is a lifetime.Red star news special commentator Shu Shengxiang

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