The bright moon shines in everyone’s heart

In the long history of the development of human civilization, the moon is no longer a mirror to illuminate the people on the night.It has become the nectar of the spirit.I do not know from when, the moonlight is not just unhua to the earth, he also walked into the hearts of people, there are thousands of amorous feelings, perhaps in the willow catkin cold earth, just can let a person so sad and reluctant to give up… that “don’t lovesickness after the person is like a month, between the clouds to the layer of water city” don’t think after became the moon erase not to go to the memory,I do not know out of the wanderer in this lonely drifting years looked at the number of times the moon, the expedition men in the city wall with the moon together how long stood, but the separation of lovers in different places and the moon looked at how long.These are people’s endless yearning, looking at the bright moon, missing you, is a wonderful thing!That “a few spring rain with pear flowers, sit to the cold window screen of the waning moon” parting pain became the fate of the moon can not escape.Talking about the word, people’s pain also followed, before the pear with rain like you, is already gone, now the waning moon is scattered into my heart through the screen window.Since ancient times, I do not know this icy moonlight will freeze the time and space, so that lovers will not see, or their eyes because of the separation of each other and cold up the moonlight became their love burial goods.That “I wish people a long time, chan” Yin blessing has become the eternal wish of the moon.The moon is not only a distant miss and the pain of being apart, but also a heart-warming good wish.When Su Shi and his brother separated, is not a negative face, but with a positive heart to calmly, this is not also very beautiful?Let the moonlight soaked every inch of land no longer have acacia pain, let everyone see the moon is no longer so sad, let the moon with our wishes, will be bright moonlight asperse into everyone’s heart!

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