Take the road of teaching and scientific research to be a research-oriented teacher, the second primary school of Culture Road, “masters forum” opened classes!

Zhongyuan webex (Wang Yufeng correspondent GaoFang Liu Shuangli) in March, the first week of school for this semester the first issue of “famous forum” training activities, zhengzhou to song tao, deputy director of the education scientific research institute was invited to come to school revolves around “how to do scientific research of teachers” seminar, bow the secretary, President, and a growing youth has a young teachers and some representative to participate in training camp.First of all, Secretary Gong Shuyu explained the position and importance of education and scientific research in schools.He pointed out that teaching scientific research involves the improvement of teachers’ teaching skills and personal development, which is related to the scientific research atmosphere of the school and the overall level of scientific research.Lai Songtao, deputy director of the Department of Education, said that educational research is a kind of participatory training, but for teachers, it is “summary and extraction”, is a task-driven, in the process of task solving teachers and students get development;Secondly, he talked about the topic that teachers are most concerned about, and made it clear that teaching and research should come from the problems encountered in the reform and development of school education and teaching, from their own experience and expertise, and from various resources around them. He made it clear that the topic should come from “problems” and adhere to demand-oriented and problem-oriented.Then with everyone to sort out the “structure of the declaration form”, hand in hand to teach everyone how to write, in the collection of materials, sorting, analysis and summary of literature review and other aspects of the system, and cited detailed cases for comparison.Finally, he encouraged everyone to combine disciplinary knowledge, educational theory and educational practice, improve their professional level and teaching and research ability.Through training, school teachers such as spring breeze, benefited a lot, to the subject declaration and writing have a deeper understanding, further understand the importance and significance of scientific research.Principal Ding Gejun hopes that teachers can take this training as an opportunity to really do scientific research, research, have real improvement, walk the professional road, and get happiness in the creative work of teachers.Fan Shuangling, director of Jinshui District Education Development Center, also encouraged the teachers to make clear the direction and research ideas after professional training, and make efforts to improve the quality of the school.Teachers have expressed that they will explore problems from their own in the future, find problems from teaching, pay attention to the scientific research application work in the teaching process, so that education and scientific research better serve teaching, enter the door of scientific research, enjoy the unique scenery!Editor: Liu Liya

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