Package on the new five: ten thousand love turtle shell, Gucci Valentine’s day limited I shocked!

Every valentine’s Day, every brand will release a limited number of products. Last week, I shared with you coach limited valentine’s Day, pink and tender pretty.But also not all limited appearance level online, such as Gucci this year’s Valentine’s Day limited, is I do not understand the cry.Look, this 9,500 yuan…Turtle shells?Oh no, Gucci’s Valentine’s Day special small heart-shaped bag, embellish Ed with “Love” and ❤️ in GG Supreme canvas.No matter from which Angle, there are edges and corners.The upper body effect, the emMM ~ official website price is 9,500 yuan, compared to other handbag price is not high, but I do not recommend everyone to buy.This one is also available in red and costs 12,500 yuan.Another interesting bag, inspired by a vintage popcorn bucket.The LOVE contour that has design sense very much, make base restoring ancient ways old flower, match straightforward “LOVE” letter print, ❤️ festival atmosphere feels.Padlock and Mini cases are not only valentine’s Day models, but also retro vintage style, with “LOVE” letter embellishment on the front and back of the bag.It looks better than the two heart-shaped bags above. The Padlock costs 17,000 yuan and the mini case 11,000 yuan.There is also a Padlock for Valentine’s Day, which is made of pink leather to match the romantic atmosphere of Valentine’s Day. The body is decorated with cherry and strawberry, which is pretty and lovely.However, pink doesn’t go well with clothes, so it is suitable for cute girls. At 18,500 yuan, it is not cheap. Two special valentine’s Day purses are also made with “LOVE” aging flowers and pink leather, showing the romantic mood of the holiday.The prices are 3,600 yuan and 3,800 yuan respectively.In addition to bags, Gucci’s Valentine’s Day special this year also features sneakers, scarves and other items.Interested value friends can go to the official website to learn about ~

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