Only 11 in the country!Qingjiang named “Most Beautiful Hometown River”

On February 7, 2022, the second “Most Beautiful Hometown Rivers” list was reviewed and approved by the Executive meeting of the Ministry of Water Resources. A total of 11 rivers in China were listed, among which Qingjiang river in Hubei Province was the only one selected for the second “Most Beautiful Hometown Rivers” list (ranked by administrative divisions).Second Yellow River, Inner Mongolia (River chief: Guo Zhanjiang) 2. Qiputang, Jiangsu (River chief: Cao Lubao) 3.Qiupu River, Anhui (Shitai Section) (River Commander: Zhang Xu) 4. Xixi, Jiulong River, Fujian (River Commander: Zheng Limin) 5.Hubei Qingjiang (River chief: Zhang Wenbing) 6. Guangdong Dongjiang (River chief: Chen Liangxian) 7. Hainan Meshe River (River chief: Luo Zengbin, Ding Hui) 8.Rongfeng River, Chongqing (Chief: Tang Chengjun) 9. Chishui River, Guizhou (Zunyi Section) (Chief: Wang Haibo) 10.Hunan Fenghuang Tuojiang river (River commander: Tian Jianxin) qingjiang river, a tributary of the Yangtze River, known as yi Water in ancient times, because “the water color qingming ten zhang, people see its clear”, so the Qingjiang River.The Qingjiang river originates in The Qiyue Mountain of Lichuan city, Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, and flows through seven counties and cities, including Lichuan, Enshi, Xuan ‘en, Jianchi, Badong, Changyang and Yidu, before flowing into the Yangtze River in The Lucheng city of Yidu.How beautiful is the Changyang Section of qingjiang River?Follow small cloth to enjoy qingjiang gallery 800 miles picturesque qingjiang, 300 miles gallery in Changyang.Qingjiang Gallery scenic area in the mountains green water show, full of scenery, green mountains such as ribbons, blue as gems.Geheyan Hydropower Station, located on the main stream of the Qingjiang River near Changyang county, Hubei Province, is the backbone project of cascade development of the main stream of the Qingjiang River, with an installed capacity of 1.2 million kilowatts and an annual generating capacity of 3.04 billion kilowatt hours.Changyang county dream Qingjiang Lingxiu Changyang national “the most beautiful hometown river” welcome you to punch in

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