Is this a homecoming?After a woman got married in Anhui province, her family put up banners warning the groom

Recently, a woman in Fuyang, Anhui province, got married. Unexpectedly, an ordinary thing turned out to be too strong a move by her family, which sparked heated discussion on the Internet.Marriage is not afraid of arguments, two people living together may not always be smooth, but the fear is family involvement.If it’s just two people arguing, it’s over.But once the family gets involved, the smallest things can be earth-shattering.It happened in Fuyang, an obscure village in Anhui Province.Not only is the language of the banners aggressive, but they are also full of “threats” that make people uncomfortable to look at.”Pull a banner to tell you to be nice to Wenting.””Heaven and earth are big, wenting is the biggest.””For the rest of my life, I’ll pay my salary and do all the housework.””Wenting only likes one kind of flower, and that is random flower.””We will always be lady Wenting’s family.”The groom was probably confused at that time, too, looking at the banners of his mother’s family.After all, everyone in this world is eager to be respected, perhaps no matter who encountered such xiama Wei, the heart will have some discomfort!When a woman gets married, her family members pull up a banner to “warn” the groom about whether it is appropriate or not, sparking debate online.Others said it was too loud, somehow ironic, and seemed to serve no purpose other than to make the groom feel uncomfortable with his family.When two people get married, they form a partnership, during which time disagreements are inevitable.But if a family member suddenly wants to intervene in the relationship, it can cause problems.But they ignore the groom also need to face, this practice in addition to let the groom feel ugly, seems to have no use.And is it really appropriate for your mother’s family to get involved in a couple’s business?When a woman gets married, the family is understandably worried, but if they want to “warn” the groom in this way, they don’t have to.On the wedding scene, the bride’s family pulled up the “super domineer banner”, and the groom turned his head after reading the content and walked away to get married is a very festive thing, but these years, many rules of the wedding have changed, the wedding of many also changed, and not the same as before, now there are a lot of extreme phenomenon of marriage.If we are all young people, we can understand the general situation of marriage, the entertainment atmosphere is very good, but there are some occasions are uncomfortable.Because the elders in the family, and neighbors, if it is to put these patterns, on the wedding scene is very impractical, because the audience is not the same, it will cause a lot of unnecessary misunderstanding.Because now many families have only one child, or fewer girls, the parents are afraid of bullying or some other bad things after marrying into the husband’s family.So most families will make some requirements on the male family before getting married.Of course, this is understandable, as many families have only one child and they are very much loved, but if these things are taken too far, they will reflect badly on both of you.Take for example the hero and heroine in today’s article. They were originally very much in love with each other and their personalities were complementary.Because of the woman’s weak personality, her family feared being bullied after marrying into the man’s family.So the family always feel that they have to support their daughter, so that her daughter has no worries.Before getting married, they did some inappropriate behavior, which made two people very awkward at the wedding scene, and the marriage process was also twists and turns.The mother family pulls “super domineer banner”, the groom sees after turn head to walk, net friend: white received education.Because the woman’s family has a younger brother.He made a banner on the wedding day when the man came to pick up the bride and the message on the banner was also very funny.It would be acceptable if they were all young, but there were old people on both sides.Things like this end badly.The content of the banner is very aggressive.If the woman is bullied, her family will protect her daughter.This is a very popular way of entertainment, his purpose is very simple, is to tell the man must treat their daughter.Because at ordinary times the man and his brother-in-law two personality is not suitable, both sides are more strong, and now in the public, because of the banner things make the man face on the very hanging.Therefore, the groom saw the banner and was laughed at by the groomsmen, so he turned his head and walked away without going to the wedding.It was only at this point that the woman’s family realized what was going on with the banner.Because the man is very good face, there are any problems can be privately said to the man, have never had a problem, but can not be so open and aboveboard let the man’s face hanging.But the younger brother was young and didn’t think it was anything, he just wanted to protect his sister.I feel that my brother-in-law is narrow-minded and does not understand my own ideas.He could have abandoned his sister on such an important day, so she might as well not have married him.Because of the change of The Times now, many people are not strange to these things, to the nature of entertainment to interpret these things.But too extreme marriage, also let a person very distressed and let a person feel that there is no quality.

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