Is lu Xiulian an independent?Openly criticizing the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party, he said the time had come for reunification

The United States in order to get the final chance to contain China’s rise, in recent years is crazy “Taiwan”, constantly provoke sensitive issues, both sides of the Taiwan strait, the DPP government is willing to become America’s pawn jumped up and down, eventually led to the inevitable deterioration in the relations across the Taiwan straits and on Taiwan authorities were filled with looking forward to “let the world see” at the same time,Debate on the island’s future has also intensified.It is worth mentioning that even within the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which advocates “self-determination of Taiwan”, there are different voices on the future of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. Lu Xiulian, a well-known “pro-independence” figure in the DPP, reminded the young generation of the island not to turn a blind eye to cross-Straits affairs in a recent media interview.Lu xiulian said that the mainland would certainly deal with the Taiwan issue in your lifetime, if you do not want to have military reunification, then we should pursue intelligent reunification. It happened that some scholars and experts in the mainland also proposed “intelligent reunification”, which is an opportunity for Taiwan.But Lu, the symbolic representative of the green Camp, also warned the islanders that there was no third choice between good and evil in the final course of cross-strait relations.It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Lu xiulan has shown a completely different view on cross-strait issues than when she was in office. In the past, when the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) was in power, the cross-strait tensions were stirred up several times, but eventually calmed down. Therefore, in the past, cross-strait relations were generally stable and positive.However, since the Tsai Ing-wen government came into power, it has not only openly rejected unification by force and sought independence by taking advantage of foreign countries, but even in order to win the support of external forces, it has sacrificed the health and safety of 23 million people on the island and imported a large number of unqualified or even harmful food in return for the verbal commitment of anti-China forces in the United States and Japan.What is most alarming is that the current DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party has completely abandoned the balanced policy. In the geopolitical game between the two countries and the three parties, it stands clearly in the US camp and in turn acts as a deterrent to the mainland, constantly purchasing new weapons and equipment, and at the same time using propaganda machines to poison the cross-Straits people-to-people exchanges.For any organization or individual that promotes non-governmental exchanges across the Straits to engage in media bullying, it can be said that cross-Straits relations have reached a new low under the instigation of the Tsai Ing-wen administration.However, lu Xiulian, as a symbol of the independence camp, was able to say that she and the mainland jointly explore reunification, which is not so much a rectification as a recognition of the historical trend.China is now at a crucial stage of its rise, and the complete reunification of the motherland is a core issue that cannot be skipped. Taiwan, as a part of China’s territory, cannot and cannot be absent.For a long time, the island’s pro-independence forces have been promoting the so-called “status quo”, the “status quo”, but their mouth is constantly deteriorating relations across the Taiwan straits, people-to-people exchanges almost interrupted, “go to the Chinese education” basic forming, “unified” two characters in the island became a forbidden word, anyone dare to openly discussed by green media crusade.In the past, lu xiulan and others have called for “Self-determination of Taiwan” and stood against the mainland more than once on the reunification issue, but with the development of time, the overall strength of the Mainland has increased exponentially compared to the past.The most important thing is that the mainland’s policy towards Taiwan has shifted from “preventing independence” to “promoting reunification”, and has also shifted to “actively promoting reunification”. All preparatory work is moving forward in a tense and orderly manner.Such a clear and clear “signal” is hard for the former independence leaders to ignore. They believe that those who understand the current situation are wise men, give up their wrong propositions and return to the framework of the unity of the Chinese nation is the only way to achieve peace across the Taiwan Straits and the right way for the 23 million People in Taiwan to move forward into the future.

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