Hypertensive patient eats potato, beneficial or harmful?Research shows that yams have these benefits

Whether in real life or on the Internet, Dr. Zhang faces a variety of hypertension problems every day, from small details of life to questions about treatment.So many problems also reflect the increasing number of hypertension patients from the side, but also reflect the various concerns of the people for hypertension.In fact, some of these problems in the doctor’s view is more basic common sense, but for patients, may appear strange and severe.Therefore, no matter the patient’s problem is big or small, doctors should be serious to answer.Today, Dr. Zhang will give this patient specific to say the problem in the topic, I hope to help you.Can hypertensive patient eat potato?First of all, patients with hypertension should control their blood pressure well, and there is no big difference with the diet of normal people, and there is no special need to avoid food.Although hypertensive patients need to pay attention to high salt, high fat, high sugar, high purine food, but it is not absolutely can not eat, eat some moderate, there is no problem.In fact, in terms of diet, the majority of hypertension patients do not need to worry too much, feel that they can not eat this can not eat that.But in other words, some foods do need to pay attention to the right amount, can not eat as much as you want, such as high salt food with high salt content, high fat food with high fat content and so on, need to pay attention to the right amount, do not eat too much.Can hypertensive patient eat potato?What about potatoes?In fact, potatoes are a relatively healthy food, there is no problem with moderate consumption, and now many dietary plans also suggest adding moderate potatoes, of course, this includes potatoes.Some dietary guidelines also point out that it is recommended that the average adult daily intake of cereals and tubers 250 to 400g (half catty – eight two), which whole grain food, such as oats, corn and other coarse grains, can eat 50 to 150g (1-3 two), tubers 50 to 100g (1-2 two).Therefore, potatoes can be eaten, as long as the attention to moderate consumption can be, do not eat too much, any food excessive consumption will bring health risks.It has to be said that there are many different ways to eat potatoes, and different cooking methods will have different effects on health.Generally speaking, completely gelatinized potatoes, its starch is digested by the human body, the blood sugar is more important.For example, westerners often eat baked potatoes or mashed potatoes, which is the cooking method of potato paste, which is easy to raise the blood sugar index of human body.While we Chinese eat potatoes, like fried potato shreds and cold potato shreds, and this way of eating potatoes has less effect on blood sugar.Potatoes without complete gelatinization, or potatoes given a cooling process, the starch in the potato will be converted into resistant starch, which is no longer easily digested and absorbed by the digestive tract, so the ability to raise blood sugar is reduced, and the effect on blood sugar is relatively small.But we should not overdo it, because what to eat too much is also energy, will lead to obesity, bad for the body.In fact, no matter how good the food is as long as it is eaten too much, it is not good for health. Only moderate consumption and diversified diet plan is the best diet plan.

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