How about cygnet Rubik’s Cube washing and drying machine?Which model wash clean

In the domestic family choice washing machine brand, a lot of time is to consider the cygnet washing machine.In the family of course, washing and drying machine is also very necessary, because in the south of the wet days, rainy days, clothes are very difficult to dry, and easy to breed bacteria.Cygnet rubik’s Cube washing and drying machine is very good reputation, because it is under the rubik’s cube series, with good protective color effect, does not hurt clothes in washing and drying, fluffy and shaped.How about cygnet Rubik’s Cube washing and drying machine?The author reads in fact cygnet water magic cube series, has always been cygnet signboard series, also belongs to the core technology.Although washing and drying machine relative to washing and drying suit, the disadvantage is to hurt clothes, but the water magic cube series washing and drying machine, the overall experience below, or more friendly, as long as there is not a drying demand every day, can be met.If it is very high for drying requirements of the family, or suggest starting drying set, so that the capacity is larger, drying speed is faster, and more do not hurt clothes.Cygnet water magic cube in the washing and drying machine, do is relatively good.Cygnet water magic cube washing and drying machine which model is good?Small day goose (TD100V86WMADY5) : the most popular cygnet water rubik’s cube washing and baking machine, is relatively high cost performance model, hand price for 3999 yuan.And in the functional aspect is still very comprehensive, first of all with 10 kg washing, 7 kg drying capacity, a level of energy efficiency, energy saving, support home interconnection.The cleaning ratio reaches 1.07, with water cube cold water washing, healthy color protecting clothes, with nano silver ion sterilization system, fast and save steam drying, fluffy and shaped clothes.Cygnet (TG100RFTEC-T61C) : This one is a little more expensive, but this one has more features.The first is the cygnet water Cube washing and drying machine, 10 kg washing, 7 kg drying capacity, but this is equipped with two patent technology, water cube cold water washing, ultra-micro cleaning bubble technology.Ultra-micro bubble cleaning technology can release billions of bubble energy physical stain removal, no need to put laundry agent, healthy washing without residue.Also equipped with nano silver ion sterilization system, support WF control, a variety of professional cleaning procedures, drying effect is very ideal.Cygnet (TD100VJ87MIT) : this is the most good cygnet water rubik’s cube washing and drying machine, hand price is 4699 yuan.With 10kg washing and 7kg drying, its highlight lies in the appearance of Kira color outfit with large screen, with dazzling colors and full sense of science and technology.Support the water cube to protect color and shape, the three wisdom of water flow, do not hurt clothes.At the same time, equipped with the highest level of U.ABt full-time dynamic sterilization system, long-term bacteriostasis, mites removal.With intelligent detergent, fine control washing, less residue, more healthy.Summary: How about cygnet water Rubik’s Cube washing and drying machine?Cygnet Rubik’s cube belongs to the patented technology, and belongs to the top level of the industry in terms of shape and color protection. Its all-in-one washing and drying machine is also relatively excellent, which can meet the needs of most scenes.However, if the washing and drying requirements are very high for the family, it is recommended to start with the cygnet washing and drying set, so that the drying capacity is larger, the faster the speed.I suggest that we choose official authorized channels, get coupons to buy, so as to save trouble and worry.

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