Garden tour, blessing…Guigang fire these activities, let the flavor of the year more foot!

The flame blue health in the festival is like the tiger Spring Festival holiday, the NEW YEAR flavor is strong joy infinite warmth as promised to bright Spring Festival couplets, will auspicious write full sound firecrackers, will be played happiness guigang city fire rescue team also opened a HAPPY NEW YEAR model…Let’s take a look at how they spend the New Year!New look “firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, the spring breeze into Toso, tong Tong, always put the new peach in old character.Firefighters on the camp “dressing up”, lanterns, flags…The ubiquitous Chinese red scene creates a thick “New Year flavor” for the fire and rescue teams.HAPPY NEW YEAR2022 Spring send blessing grind ink thick, dip pen full, swing paper spring.One by one, the powerful and powerful “fu” word jumped out on the paper, and she added auspicious and auspicious words. One by one, the Spring Festival couplets filled the ink fragrance of the garden, and the stroke of the blessing was integrated into the calligraphy. Firefighters enjoyed it and felt the thick flavor of the New Year in the ink.Each fire rescue station organized popular cultural and entertainment activities such as basketball, ring, table tennis, chess and card competitions according to firefighters’ interests and hobbies, which filled the camp with laughter and greatly invigorated the festive atmosphere.So that firefighters who stick to the front line can effectively relax in the heavy duty preparation, and further mobilize the enthusiasm of work.It is a sense of responsibility to wear flame blue for the NEW Year’s Eve dinner.Can’t leave the support of family members.On New Year’s Eve, while enjoying the delicious New Year’s Eve dinner, firemen cannot go home to stay with their parents, wives and children in order to stick to their responsibilities, but together with their teammates from all over the world, this is a warm home. This New Year’s Eve dinner is full of hometown flavor.HAPPY NEW YEAR BeiQin is busy, but relaxation festival held a series of exciting activities effectively the cheerful the firemen’s body and mind to their body in the camp also can feel the thick “the festival atmosphere and the warmth of family” to further strengthen the team cohesion and centripetal force at the beginning of spring, vientiane update we waved goodbye, yesterday and the future your port fire again wish you:Happy New Year, auspicious year of the Tiger!

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