Focusing on epidemic prevention and control | open the door, we want to go out drinking with friends boy…

“Why, why is it off?””Can I help you?””Open the door, we’re going out to have drinks with youzi…””You can’t go out at the moment.Due to the COVID-19 positive cases in your community, according to the COVID-19 Community Prevention and Control Program, the community shall be under lockdown management. People are not allowed to go out without special reasons or approval.For the protection and safety of the community residents, we suggest you reschedule the party. Please cooperate with the community personnel on the scene to control the management work.”…On January 22, Nanning held a drill on COVID-19 emergency response. Huang Wen, deputy district head and field commander of the drill, participated in the drill at the post Office dormitory on Jinan Road.The background of the exercise is that the Fourth People’s Hospital of Nanning reported to the Urban Headquarters that a novel coronavirus nucleic acid initial screening positive case was found among those willing to perform all tests.Liu, male, 23 years old, registered permanent residence in Xingning District, lives in Jinan Road Post dormitory, Chaoyang Community. He has no symptoms of fever and cough, no medium-high risk areas and no history of overseas travel and residence.Nanning No. 4 People’s Hospital immediately reported online and reported to Xingning District headquarters.Under the command of the headquarters, the CDC dispatched a flow control team to the scene within 2 hours to carry out preliminary flow control, and simultaneously launched the comprehensive flow control mechanism. The public security department and big data carried out technical information restoration.”I declare that the actual combat drill of COVID-19 emergency response during the Spring Festival of 2022 in Xingning District will now begin.”Subsequently, the drill followed six chapters of start-up response, rapid flow control, site containment, large-scale nucleic acid testing, large-scale transport and isolation, and case treatment, with the scene tense and orderly.The drill is a real combat, and every detail in every link is subject to high standards and strict requirements. We strive to grasp the key points of all links of epidemic prevention and control during the drill, so as to ensure timely and effective control when the epidemic really emerges.In “peace”, be prepared; in “war”, be sure to win with one blow.After the drill, the headquarters made comments on the drill, affirmed the effectiveness of the drill and pointed out the existing problems, requiring participants to learn from the experience of the drill to improve the actual combat level of the urban epidemic prevention and control team, so as to lay a solid foundation for the PREVENTION and control of COVID-19 during the Spring Festival in 2022.Reporter: Lei Yutian, edited by Ma Yangbin, Edited by He Yulin, edited by Yao Pingping, signed by Zhou Xiaoyuan

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