Fight the big master of the sky, better than the baby of the sword of Luo God, the head of a green dust income bag

“Fight the great master of the sky” the latest cartoon plot update, the dust, Wen Qingxuan, Glass three people into the wood temple treasure cabinet, here they found a lot of supreme spirit liquid, but these supreme spirit liquid turned into a carp, need to pastoral dust and others to catch their own hands.Latest dust from grazing plot and WenQingXuan liquid began to compete to grasp the supreme spirit, these two people have their own means, in the supreme spirit liquid on this two people, can be said to be the radius of the eight for a period of time in the past two per capita caught 124 supreme spirit drops, even as they are won or lost, the supreme spirit liquid suddenly received in the past by a large bowl.Watching all the supreme spirit liquid disappear, and Wen Qingxuan have a kind of unwilling feeling, hand baby how also slip away?Wen Qingxuan immediately swallowed the supreme spirit of the liquid bowl launched an attack, can be surprised by the dust three people wenQingxuan attack was also absorbed by the bowl.Can absorb the attack of props, this is really dust has never seen.It can absorb spiritual forces, including Wen Qingxuan releasing the spiritual forces of attack, and finally condenses all the spiritual forces to form the carp shaped supreme spiritual fluid, which may be the origin of the supreme spiritual fluid.It seems that this big bowl is not an ordinary baby, but a baby that can produce the supreme spiritual fluid. If you get hold of this baby, does the dust lack the supreme spiritual fluid?With such an idea, the dust immediately fly to the top of the bowl, the original bowl also has a name, that is the spirit of the bowl.When I heard the three words of gathering spirit bowl, Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li were surprised, it seems that these two people have a certain understanding of the bowl, and from their mouth of the dust also have a little understanding of the bowl, the original bowl was from the world of gathering spirit.Once involved in the world, all the items must not be common goods, according to Wen Qingxuan said, the value of the bowl of gathering spirit even better than the luo Li hand luoshen sword.This is really beyond the knowledge of the herd dust, to know luoshen sword but the treasure of the glass clan, that gathering ling bowl is more valuable than this, it is more firm to the herd dust to gather ling bowl income bag idea.But gather spirit bowl can absorb all the spirit of force, although the present gather spirit bowl is likely to be a fake, but still have the characteristics of gather spirit bowl, the dust line of people if they want to control the spirit of the gather spirit bowl, it is obvious that this is unable to complete.After a clear understanding of the reality of Wen Qingxuan extremely mad, this is comparable to just been gathering the spirit of the bowl to take the supreme spirit liquid also uncomfortable.This is another way to the dust, the original before the dust has determined the identity of his wood temple heir, perhaps this identity can help the dust.Then the dust from the top of the head shot a green light, the light to gather on the bowl, but also really gather the bowl of the bag.It seems that green id can really work wonders in the Nick of time.Who can think of this is much better than excalibur baby was pastoral dust a green light to receive, but now the pastoral dust can not get all the supreme spirit liquid in the bowl, because the bowl was sealed.It seems that the dust also needs an opportunity to enjoy the supreme spiritual liquid in the bowl, but I don’t know when to wait.Article/little brother animation, all see here do not point a concern yao ~

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