Durant’s 5 point inaction hurt the Nets?The Sixers can give the Bucks and SUNS a run for their money

Durant’s 5 point inaction hurt the Nets?76 people can and deer compete first say a bit, the sun is almost 76 people use small garage harden, because simmons simply won’t be playing for 76 people, at this point, 76 already earn big, second, the offseason, the nets fired the d ‘antoni trading sand meetall, green, such as striker that is personally ruined harden habits of the offense,So harden didn’t renew the nets in advance, why do these people, because they had publicly expressed support for harden, including this season’s griffin, sharp,; bricktownship, the cloth, is of harden these harden the players appeared by DNP game, that is to say, the nets only consider to harden in two take charge of even three alone,Absolutely can’t be a big charge even core team, this is the main reason for the nets trade harden, harden sure unwilling they know to do this, so it is imperative to deal, said the who who forced the be clear at a glance, the last point is the key, harden boon than DE need a championship to prove himself, and for Michael Owen and durant this is not the most important.Did Harden push the Palace or did the Nets break harden’s heart?Before specific goals, with the eldest brother to take the championship, the results of the two season finished quickly, three people play 16 matches, the total injury last season can be said in the past, now Owen on this attitude, the nets management is determined to go, the nerve and du second have ring, they can in order to faith and brotherhood don’t care about this season, not harden,His peak is not long, now the nets prospects ring is not to see, are over the New Year this time still want to wait for Kyrie into god before leaving.If you ask me, Harden should go. Nets have a lot of problems, not of harden’s making.The root of the problem is Durant.1. Durant is one of the best basketball players in the league, but he doesn’t think about basketball as much as James does.They think more about personal relationships.2. Based on the above reasons, Durant hired Nash, a good friend of his, as a coach. Nash is not cut out to be a coach, as he has proved over a season, but Adu still supports Nash.Third, there was Owen, who was garrulous, individualistic and undisciplined.In this way, Adu also supported him because of good connections.Harden doesn’t want the maximum salary the rockets offer, which means he’s mainly chasing championships.But it’s hard with Nash and Kyrie.The Nets will definitely not touch Durant, and he has the final say in everything.Adu backed Steve Nash and Kyrie Irving despite all the crap this season, so the Nets traded Harden.The nets are going to rot because there’s not enough people.Harden doesn’t have a champion. He’s the hardest. Now it’s clear.He doesn’t have much of his prime left, and he’s looking for the right partner.In addition, Harden has always been the centerpiece of the offense, Simmons is not in the same class, Kyrie and Durant will always be big offensive killers, but not the centerpiece of the offense, they may win, but it’s hard to win.The Sixers lack offense, have defense, and most importantly the Sixers, have inside containment and outside shooters, which will free harden to dominate the ball on the offensive end.When Harden leaves, the Nets are no longer a strong team, harden is there, the team goes offline, Durant irving decides to go online, the personnel is not there, it is nonsense.The Sixers are strong enough to give the Bucks a run for their money.

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