Do some express still not send to Xi ‘an?Industry response

Due to the impact of the epidemic, Xi ‘an resumed work and production in late January after nearly a month of closed management. Just after the lifting of the lockdown, it was the Lunar New Year, and people’s demand for online shopping increased dramatically. So how is the express delivery industry resuming work?Can people receive and send online shopping normally?For this reporter to Xi ‘an partial express industry undertook a visit.In the logistics transfer center of an express company in Fengdong New City, Xi Xian New Area, the reporter saw that express packages from all over the country gathered here, with on-site mechanized operation and manual sorting in an orderly manner.It is understood that the express delivery enterprise during the Spring Festival “do not close”, the transfer and the operation of the branches on duty to ensure the normal delivery during the festival.It is reported that with the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the transfer center has reached more than 95% of duty, and the volume of parcels is gradually returning to the normal level.Zhang Citong, head of Fengdong Transfer Field in northwest distribution area of Shunfeng Express said:”During the Spring Festival last year compared to the overall business growth at about 10%, the whole personnel security duty rate of 40% to 50%, mainly from the point of product and customer requirements, in the majority with giving gifts, so in the whole process of operation security, we to safeguard state to deal with daily, in the Spring Festival holiday business growth is very big, so we have to restore a daily production level,At the same time, the input of resources and personnel also returned to the normal level, and the overall business delivery returned to normal.”Xi ‘an is now under normal epidemic prevention and control.Zhang said the company has strictly implemented the epidemic prevention and control requirements and carried out disinfection measures for international parcels one by one to prevent “person-to-person transmission”.At the same time, the transfer of express vehicles into the implementation of “one into one disinfection.”According to reports, after the delivery of express packages from the transfer, will enter the main line to the city of Xi ‘an various business outlets, and finally through the “Courier brother” to reach the hands of the people.Then during the Spring Festival and after the festival, the business outlets receive and send the situation?And how to ensure normal operation?Sf Express Shaanxi Qinglong Temple branch olive international business point director Wang Lizhi said: “During the Spring Festival and then our network arrangements have 10 little brother on duty, to meet the customer’s needs, and then said little brother’s work requirements are to go to work in the morning to do a good temperature registration, holding nucleic acid within 48 hours (report).By February 7, we said that all the young brother was on duty, and now the number of pieces has recovered to 70 or 80 percent. The daily processing capacity is about 3,000 pieces.”It is understood that domestic express delivery in Xi ‘an has returned to normal at present, while international express delivery should be collected and sent according to the policy requirements of various countries and ports.However, some Xi ‘an netizens said that when shopping on some e-commerce platforms, the page will display “this product does not support sales in the current region”, which is inexplicable.Zhang Said that as some e-commerce platforms are still closed to the “Xi ‘an section”, it is impossible to receive and send express services.Therefore, it also called on the e-commerce platforms to return to normal in Xi ‘an as soon as possible to ensure the demand for online shopping.Source: China news network editor: Zhen Ruowen recited: Lai Ting audit: Zhang Jiawei speed!Xi ‘an is issuing consumption coupons → Shaanxi issued a disastrous weather forecast!Starting from next Wednesday, Xi ‘an will resume driving restrictions.Coach Su yiming pleads to end commercial cooperation of criticizing referee: 18691889892

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