Changan second generation CS55PLUS how to obtain “traffic password

The success of changan CS55 series is not accidental, but due to Changan’s accurate insight into the passenger car market.In the era of consumption upgrading led by young users, the mainstream market segment is changing, and consumers’ purchasing enthusiasm is gradually extending from the A-class car market to both ends. “delicacy” led by the consumption trend has replaced “pragmatism” and become the “new favorite” of the young generation of consumers.In layman’s terms, consumers in the past preferred to buy more products for more.But today’s users are more internalized in terms of appearance levels, specs, and intelligent experiences.On the contrary, if the body size is too large, it will be regarded as difficult to park, or the sense of delicacy in the design will be diluted, which is not flattering among young consumers.Therefore, just from the price point of 100,000 yuan, you can find a lot of products with stunning design, strong power and rich sense of technology in today’s market. The second generation CS55PLUS launched in September this year is one of them.But different from other competing products, from all aspects of parameters, this is a can meet all the above requirements, distinctive personality and both practical “cost-effective efforts”.Its arrival not only comes at the right time, but also anchors the segmented market focused by young people into the “depth bomb” and “boldly say no” to the seriously homogenized market, setting off a clear current.The first is the intuitive feeling brought by the design level.Compared to the smooth design style of traditional SUVs, the second generation CS55PLUS boldly integrates the design of new technological wisdom aesthetics.From design techniques to material selection, we use scientific and technological elements with human warmth to achieve a harmonious unity between rational minimalist aesthetics and practical intelligent technology.For example, the wide front face design, using the left and right through the design technique to stretch the width of the car body;Full of tension tail profile, with star ring tail design, avant-garde sense of science and technology;Optimized optical design of the vehicle with geometric ring lights, increasing luminous efficiency by 30%, making the identification more obvious at night…In this impetuous era, the design of the second generation CS55PLUS seems to have a natural sense of intimacy, which is completely different from the pursuit of avant-garde eager for quick results and instant benefits.The continuation of “new science and technology wisdom aesthetics”, the new car will also apply wisdom and ingenuity to the interior layout, so that avant-garde technology and practical functions coexist.The interior design adopts scientific and technological lightweight volume and shape design, skillfully integrates the central large screen decoration and hidden tuyere, presenting a sense of harmony.Geometric ring keys without borders, soft materials with comfortable touch, delicate details create a minimalist style with luxurious technology and quality style.In addition, pioneer speakers, 0.83 square meters of large sky panoramic skylight collocation, is to enhance the car’s “jump class experience”.The overall feeling of sitting in the car is that all the design is neither humble nor overbearing, no matter the visual feeling or the way of operation is just right, and the young consumers “want to look” is engraved into reality.The second generation CS55PLUS is equipped with IMS intelligent interactive system to realize Face ID Face recognition.After successful identification, tap on the brake to start the car, air conditioning and multimedia automatically adjust to the driver’s common state, so as to “get on without feeling”.In addition, the function can also realize gesture control, fatigue monitoring and early warning and other intimate intelligent interactive experience.The improved AI voice interaction is also a highlight.With the intelligent sound source positioning function, the system can more accurately identify the driver’s voice commands.Combined with the fully optimized software and hardware control system, it can execute more instructions close to the real use scenarios.For example, “open 1/4 window”, “Xiao An” will accurately open the passenger side window to 1/4 position;Saying “I want to see the stars” can realize the skylight opening and closing.At the same time, the system also supports multi-round voice dialogue and wakeup free function, combined with volcano car entertainment, QQ Music, Himalaya radio and other massive entertainment programs, can accurately push your favorite content, so that users can experience the “travel housekeeper” type of all-round service.Rich intelligent and interesting functions include all kinds of features, and on the basis of high-quality travel vehicles, infinite evolution to intelligent mobile terminals.In terms of performance, the engine has a power rating of 138kW, a net power increase of 8%, a peak torque of 300N·m at 1500-4000r/min, and no wind at all in the same displacement engine.Fuel consumption per 100 km is only 5.9L, meeting national 6B emissions, realizing the coexistence of strong power and fuel economy, and providing a solid guarantee for consumers’ later car costs.Blue Whale 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission, equipped with intelligent pre-drop multiple innovative technologies, comprehensive transfer efficiency up to 94.3%, to achieve seamless transmission of power.Thus, users can experience the power output delightfully, and enjoy the happiness brought by “mechanical top matching” in the same level of models.There is no doubt that the excellent quality, rich driving interest, unique design and intelligent experience have laid a good mass foundation for the second generation CS55PLUS in the young consumer group, and become a unique existence in the severely homogenous SUV market, which is the “traffic password” for it to become “popular style”.(The article is from the network, please contact to delete infringement)

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