A man in Ningde, Fujian province, burned incense and prayed for good luck during the New Year.

Note: Some things we can’t explain, when you see some inexplicable phenomena, you may be dumbfounded, or out of ignorance to worship it.Worship because of ignorance.People living in this society, more or less encountered some strange things, there are a lot of things can not be explained, also can not say clearly, especially in the vast rural areas, because of the lack of cognition, some things really can not say clearly.Some people, unable to explain or understand certain phenomena, have a strange feeling in their hearts that such things can only be seen by the apparition of ghosts and gods, so they believe them to be true and double their worship of these ghosts and gods, confusing many ignorant human beings.An incredible thing happened in Ningde, Fujian province recently.The video shows a man burning incense to pray for good fortune after worshiping his ancestors during the Spring Festival. He was shocked to see the incense paper amid the sound and flames of firecrackers.It turned out that the paper money actually turned over quickly and floated into the incense burner, just like someone quickly pointed money or money with a banknote counting machine. But there was no one around to make money. Could this be the ghost hand in the legend?Such a scene appeared, the people around the incense immediately shouted and said: the ancestors appeared, hurry up and bow down to the ancestors, the ancestors are counting money, hurry up and burn more paper money, so that the ancestors get more money.These people said, because the ancestor appeared, the man’s blessing should be realized soon, it seems that the man’s sincere spirit is spirit…Then, with the help of these villagers, these people knelt down to their ancestors and prayed aloud.Such a scene phenomenon, is really incredible, paper money rolled up silky like a banknote counting machine, there should be a pair of hands in the money, but there is clearly no one around, this is how ah.Because did not say clearly, these villagers have good troublemaker, this one phenomenon is filmed into a video, put on the net aid net friend to help.The netizen message is also very interesting: really, this is ancestral manifestation, must double the burning paper money filial piety filial piety ancestors.How did this happen? Could someone have done this on purpose? How could something like this happen?The ancestors must have appeared, or someone was deliberately using magic to deceive the villagers….A netizen comment analysis seems to have some truth.What’s going on here?It was shocking, but one netizen commented that the temperature difference was the cause.He explained that because the burning paper money stove burning, need to inhale a lot of air, these smoke through the chimney to the air below, causing the air below the burning paper money is sucked in, if this time some paper money on the stove mouth burning, you will see the air into the paper money, the phenomenon of fast over.This netizen message a little popular science knowledge truth, do not know whether this netizen message is the correct explanation, but it is the most reasonable explanation to see.It’s a shock when something like this happens, but if it happens to you, and there are a lot of ignorant villagers around you, you might as well break down your psychological defenses.I wonder if you, the smart one, can come up with a different explanation.@nanhai look cloud  feel the world with words, thank you for your trust and company, welcome to forward and follow!(Original is not easy, please respect the original, shameful plagiarism, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!)

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