Xu Zhengxi “Yan Yu Fu” just broadcast soon, and a new play is about to go online, female appearance level online

Recently started the TV series is a then, is really let a person overwhelmed, first lei Jiayin starred in the “world”, and then zhao Xiaotang starred in the “Vasshe river’s lake”, and then Xu Zhengxi starred in the “Yan Yu Fu”, each is wonderful, let a person call straight addictions!Among them “Yan Yu Fu” this costume love drama heat is quite high!Liang Yi, the leading role played by Xu Zhengxi, is also popular with many audiences for her handsome appearance in ancient costume and outstanding acting skills.However, Yan Yu fu has just been on the air, and Xu zhengxi has another new drama on the air, Heavy Purple.Adapted from the shu Ke novel of the same name and directed by Liu Guohui, Heavy Purple is, after all, a costume fairy tale starring xu Zhengxi and Yang Chaoyue.This play basically told about born evil spirit, destined to the girl heavy purple and despising six bound, peerless elegance of the zunzu Luo Yin fan three times the story of love.It is understood that the drama is now in the post-production stage, and is expected to be broadcast in 2022. It is very exciting!The play’s leading actor Luo Yin fan played by Xu Zhengxi, he is the first fairy alliance in the play, South China protection, have no gold fairy, by the wave of the sword swept three circles, there is no rival.For actor Seo Jung-gye, I believe everyone is very familiar with.Xu Zhengxi in the entertainment industry can be said to be a manager level and acting appearance of 80 after a great actor, made his debut for many years, he played a lot of impressive characters, such as the YanLiHeng Xia Jiasan daughter, “love wake up the” season of the wind, and in the lonely world of yuwen, etc., can say Xu Zhengxi with handsome appearance and superb acting,Play these roles to the fullest!This time in the “heavy purple” as the leading actor, as the fairy luo Yin Fan one corner, I believe that such a role for Xu Zhengxi is no pressure.I am looking forward to his wonderful performance in the play!And the heroine of this drama heavy violet is played by Yang Chaoyue, she is pure and kind in drama, become the apprentice of luo Yin of heavy Chinese respect person below chance coincidence, fell in love with teacher imperceptibly however.However because of innate evil spirit and be immortal door unfair treatment, by the so-called path immortal door forced a day demon step by step.For actor Yang Chaoyue, I believe everyone is not strange?Mr Yang is in the entertainment industry is a high level of appearance came flowers after 95, she has acted in many films, in the night 2 “, “the midsummer full identity as”, “listen and fengming” hit TV has a fairly good performance, Mr Yang is also with pure and fresh and free from vulgarity appearance, harvest a lot of attention.This time in the “heavy Purple” partner actor Xu Zhengxi, two people no matter the level of appearance, or CP sense, can be said to be quite matched.Look forward to their sweet interaction in the show!In addition to the male and female leading roles, the play also has Ma Wenyuan, Deng wei, Li Daikun, Lin Si Yi, Zheng Guolin, Yang Xinying, Gao Han, Zhang Keai and other high level of appearance actors, appearance level lineup is quite luxurious, which also makes the play more interesting!A good costume fairy drama, in addition to the special effects of the scene should be strong, the plot should also be wonderful, and the appearance level of the leading actors should also be online, after all, many young audiences now like to see the appearance level.I believe that the film, starring Xu Zhengxi and Yang Chaoyue, will be a hit when it is broadcast.Are you looking forward to it?

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