What is the day after hunan rises this to go ashore?

I rise only namely this 985 master, take an examination of at the beginning really not go up, because mathematics learns namely can’t.Later university master all need not learn mathematics, all the way results with open hang like good.Now graduate a year Beijing monthly salary of 25K, sling a lot of that year took an examination of the local students.So WHAT I want to tell you is that when you failed Ben, it is not because he is not good enough, but because you have never considered the college entrance examination, no matter how reasonable it is, it is just a selection system.And we people, can go all the way down, is to understand that the system has unreasonable place, it can not determine our life.I doctor, some people say that the college entrance examination on the doctor to change the fate of…Admittedly, it worked in earlier years when the bar was low, but now it is unlikely.I was already in the first batch of applicants when the files were sent to the school, and the school would directly help to screen out students whose first degree was not 211.985, and let the tutor directly and politely reject them.Unless you have strong connections.So upgrade this is very necessary, their efforts and connections are essential.Different now ah, the talent with high academic record is too much, very unfriendly to the girl, specialized subject graduates 22, one-time rise this to go ashore to graduate 24, again one-time take an examination of grind to go ashore 27…This age is all on the premise of a one-off ashore, 27 master graduates to the enterprise employment age is very unfriendly I feel most of the college students emotional intelligence is high more fun, after work may not have less opportunity, according to the future needs to choose the second degree, college students seriously study up or very fierce.One part of the person inside specialized subject is very fierce, but did not know how to read specialized subject.Some people wake up and want to learn.So to be honest, it’s been pretty comfortable since I got promoted.

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