The first winter holiday after the new rules of online games, do children have new changes?

Shijiazhuang, Feb. 12 (Xinhua) –Question: The first winter holiday after the new rules of online games, do children have new changes?This winter holiday, compared with previous holidays, life is very different for Feng Zihan, a fifth-grade student in Shijiazhuang.”I have less homework, I don’t have to attend extracurricular classes, and ONLINE games have time limits, so I don’t have to worry about them anymore.I followed my cousin to the nearby public basketball court almost every day.”Feng Zihan said.The reporter looked at feng Zihan’s daily and weekly schedule to see Friday, Saturday, Sunday night is his time to play games.During the three days, he would finish his reading, reciting poems and housework in advance during the day.It seems that Feng Zihan is busier than usual in the three days when he has “game time”.In August 2021, the state press and publication administration issued “on further strict management Notice to prevent minors addict network game, the game time for minors to shrink, strictly require all online game companies can only be on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holiday day 20 and 21 when provide 1 hour service to minors,Other time shall not provide online game services to minors in any form.When the reporter visited Shijiazhuang, many parents of primary and secondary school students said that the new rules not only shorten the time their children play games, but more importantly, let them completely “cut off thinking” during the rest of the time.Wang Miao, a parent of a third-grade student, said that he was not opposed to his children playing games, but he was afraid that the audio-visual stimulation and psychological satisfaction brought by games would occupy too much of his energy.”In the past, children were always thinking about playing games and were not interested in anything.Now when they can’t play games, they do their homework and do things much more attentively than before.”Wang miao said.At the same time, shijiazhuang urban areas in many sports training institutions, public sports venues, said the winter holiday to participate in sports children than in the past significantly increased.”More than a dozen kids play together.”Shijiazhuang city Yuhua district a small basketball court said.Of course, some students admitted that although the time for playing games was greatly reduced, their enthusiasm for online games was difficult to fade away.Watching game commentary, playing live games, and researching strategies are also ways to get rid of game addiction.”Some students will use parents’ ID card registration, generally begged grandparents high success rate.On the Internet, some people sell anti-addiction software that can crack the programs that limit the time of playing.Choi Hee-eon, a fourth grader, said.To crack minor indulge in network game problem, each district departments cooperate firmly “build” defense line.Anti-pornography and illegal publications authorities in Beijing and Shanghai imposed administrative penalties on online game operators who failed to verify their real names.Jiangsu investigated the Case of “September 30” illegal renting of game accounts in Nanjing, and arrested more than 40 suspects;Hebei procuratorial organs in January 17 solstice on March 1, to carry out special activities, through the public interest litigation supervision, timely investigate business site of Internet access services, set up electronic game equipment of recreational entertainment violations received minor problems, and through the cultural administrative department and distributing procuratorial advice before litigation, to promote governance problem places.Zheng Lei, head of Tencent’s juvenile protection system, said Tencent strictly manages juvenile accounts on the authoritative data platform of the public security bureau, and adopts financial-level face recognition verification for children who “fake” their adult identities to bypass supervision.”For head games with larger volume, stricter face schemes will be adopted. For example, for real-name users over 55, face recognition will be required every time they log into the game at night to prevent minors from using their parents’ accounts or devices.If the same account is frequently used on multiple devices, it will also trigger face recognition and reduce the utilization of third-party rental numbers.”Zheng Lei said.The reporter found in the interview process, many students said that the game also has a part of the social function, sometimes is a topic of their own into the group.Gao Musen, a junior high school student, said he grew up in the city and went back to his hometown during the Spring Festival. He didn’t know what to say to his two Cousins. Then he talked about the game, and we suddenly had a common topic.”We got to know each other by talking about games and went to the nearby ski resort several times during the Spring Festival.”Gao Mosen said.Chen Hui, a family education expert in Hebei Province, said that this winter vacation, he received several cases of teenagers addicted to online games, the biggest feeling is that although various departments around the country, the Internet companies are trying to solve the problem, but in fact, family education is the most important position.”Many addictions are rooted in a child’s need to have fun, relax and feel worth being satisfied.Many children say they are addicted to games because they can escape from reality, escape from the unsatisfactory home and school environment.To some extent, parents have to take on the important task of bonding parents and enriching their children’s lives, rather than just handing it over to society and elders.””Chen Hui suggested.(after)

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