Sun Zhuo bought a bunch of flowers under the pretext of going out to play.Push through the door and surprise mom

Since Sun Haiyang and Sun Zhuo went back to their hometown and met their relatives and friends, the whole family enjoyed a relaxed and leisure life.Have no matter when Sun haiyang basks in the sun in the home, Sun Hui, Sun Yue still has Sun Yue to go out to play with the young partner of the same age, 4 wench put down the live in the hand and the neighborhood around the neighborhood played a card.But siwench was playing cards with her neighbors when suddenly the door was opened and Sun Zhuo came in holding a bunch of flowers and gave them to his mother.Four girl saw the face is also excited and happy, immediately stood up to embrace Sun Zhuo.Netizens were also delighted to see the scene, saying the mother had waited too long for this moment.Since Sun Zhuo was found, sun Haiyang and his wife have been paying unilaterally to Sun Zhuo. They worry that Sun Zhuo can not be integrated into the family, and they have infinite love for him.Especially after just returning to Shenzhen, Sun Haiyang took Sun Zhuo to tour around and let him relax.Sun Zhuo’s mother, Siwench, also took her son shopping.Especially four wench, as if want to owe all the love to Sun Zhuo these years, all in one go to Give Sun Zhuo, these two days and two days was photographed with Sun Zhuo to go shopping malls, and shops are also famous, the price is not cheap.The boy was moved by his parents’ love for Sun Zhuo. This time, Sun Zhuo went out with his sister and other friends of the same age, but it was really an excuse to go out. They had planned to give their mother a surprise.So while mother was playing cards with the neighbors, Let Sun Zhuo push the door with flowers in hand, to give mother a surprise!And it makes her look good in front of the neighborhood.Sun Zhuo sent flowers to the meaning of the general, before Sun Zhuo was passive to accept the love of his parents, but now he is active feedback and accept the love of his parents, this is definitely two different things!It shows that he has approved his mother and father in his heart.Sun Zhuo is reserved, not good at words, and seldom takes the initiative. When there are guests at home, Sun Zhuo would hide in Sun Yue’s room or Sun Hui’s room to play games and seldom meet outsiders.By offering flowers to his mother in front of so many people, Sun Zhuo must have been angry with himself for a long time and overcome his shyness.He could be seen facing his mother’s thanks, still a little confused, both hands froze aside.Even so, Sun Zhuo was willing to take the initiative to send his mother this bouquet of flowers, which shows that his heart is really grateful to his mother, but also proves that Sun Zhuo is a kind and filial boy, although he did not say much when sending flowers, but this behavior is worth thousands of words.

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