Musk lost 40 of 49 satellites he launched…What happens in space?

The US space company SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, says 80% of the satellites it launched in February were lost to geomagnetic storms.Fortunately, the falling satellite will not cause any damage to the Earth.8 local time, the ferry said: “at 1 PM on February 3, 13 points (Korean time 4, 13) at 3 am, Kennedy space center in Florida, the falcon 9 rocket 49 star chain with 40 in the satellite is affected by the geomagnetic storms 4th, not into orbit, is falling or are falling.”Geomagnetic storms are caused by collisions between solar wind, high-energy cosmic particles flying from the Sun, and the Earth’s magnetic field.SpaceX explained that the drag caused by geomagnetic storms, which increase the density of the atmosphere, prevents the satellite from ascending into orbit.SpaceX says atmospheric drag is 50 percent higher than expected at launch.Starlink is a project that plans to launch 12,000 low-orbit satellites by the mid-2020s to build an ultra-high-speed Internet service that will be available worldwide.Starlink satellites orbit 210 kilometers above the Earth.This orbit is much lower than other communications satellites.As a result, communication is faster and less network signal is lost.SpaceX has launched more than 2,000 satellites and is testing satellite Internet services in 14 countries, including North America.SpaceX says the satellite is designed to disintegrate as soon as it deorbits and re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere, so there will be no debris left in orbit and no damage to earth.SpaceX said some of the satellites had already burned up during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere, and the rest would do the same.

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