“It’s so rich, it’s hard!”Huilongguan “Yuannian little brother” New Year eat hometown flavor

Taurus quit the old year, Tiger sent spring.On the first day of the Year of Yin tiger, more than 100 Courier boys in Huilongguan street, such as Qian Jianxiu, Liu Jiu, Zhu Lei, Dai Wei, Ma Xiaolei, Han Junjun, Duan Qiangyou, Wang Caiming and Luo Chao, still stick to their posts, as always shuttling through the streets and buildings, busy.The first day of the New Year is a family reunion, warm together, this year in response to the express platform Spring Festival does not close the request and in Beijing New Year’s call, but also in order to deliver the mission will reach, many little brother became “original year people”, stay in Beijing’s job.In the face of “service is not closed”, Huilongguan Street put forward “care is not closed”.How to let the little brothers deeply feel the warmth of “home” in the Spring Festival?How to make people feel homesick and enjoy the New Year at home?The strongest place is undoubtedly on the Chinese dining table.A few distinctive home-style dishes can instantly pull the nostalgia full, filling the memory of “home”.China, with its vast territory and abundant resources, boasts a variety of cuisines and different traditional customs. However, different Chinese cuisines share the same emotions, a love for life and a warm and harmonious atmosphere.Those carved into the DNA of delicious, is how long to go, how far away from home are not waved to miss and care.During the Spring Festival, it is not convenient for little friends to eat, so the Huilongguan Sub-district Party and Mass Service Center carefully prepared 156 “Year of the Tiger customized meals” to send warmth to the little friends at noon on the first day of the New Year, and comfort the little friends with delicious food.In order to let everyone have a hot lunch and eat traditional Chinese New Year dishes on the first day of the Lunar New Year, after repeated communication with the street canteen, we specially selected some delicious home-cooked dishes common in the Family feast, which are warm and hearty.In addition to rice, the staple food is specially equipped with “sticky bean buns”, taking into account the customs of the south and the north.At the same time, I hope to make my friends feel a bit familiar with my taste buds and taste some “taste of home”.Twelve o ‘clock on the first day of the New Year is the agreed start time to take meals, each community on duty at 11:30 to the street canteen.”Take it back early, so the boy can eat it early.”Some communities also specially carry thermal insulation bags, carefully pack each set meal, and then bring warm heart station, waiting for the little brothers to come back for dinner.Some communities to the agreed location, hand over to the little brother’s hand, and then ask “Happy New Year”.There are communities, specially prepared dumplings, dried fruit, fruit, to the little brother “add food”.The little brother opened the lunch box, full of surprise.Talking to each other, eyes and lips overflowing with laughter.”It’s so rich, it’s hard!””Wow, and braised pork, which we have every Year for Chinese New Year.””It’s home!”I didn’t expect to be able to eat doubao for Chinese New Year, how nice!”…”Little brother, laborious”!Thank you!I hope this special year of the Tiger package will bring some warmth to all of you in Beijing.I sincerely wish you and your family good health and happiness!Let us take the hope and dream of a better life, heart to the distance, down to earth.Struggle on the road scenery is more beautiful, better days, those who want to be better, come in this year!Happiness huilong view

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